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Blood Effects

Blood Effects


Stage Blood

Many feature films have used our blood exclusively. Realistic qualities include vivid coloring and medium flowing viscosity. Peppermint flavored and safe in mouth. May stain some fabrics and surfaces; test before use.

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BN-SB2 Stage Blood, 0.5 oz/14 ml $3.00
BN-SB3 Stage Blood, 1 oz/29 ml $4.00
BN-SB4 Stage Blood, 2 oz/58 ml $7.00
BN-SB45 Stage Blood, 4 oz/118 ml $10.00
BN-SB5 Stage Blood, 8 oz/236 ml $15.00
BN-SB6 Stage Blood, 16 oz/473 ml jug $24.00
BN-SB7 Stage Blood, 32 oz/946 ml jug $38.00

Dark Blood

Aged and Oxidized.

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BN-DSB2 Dark Blood, 0.5 oz/14 ml $3.00
BN-DSB3 Dark Blood, 1 oz/29 ml $4.00
BN-DSB4 Dark Blood, 2 oz/58 ml $7.00
BN-DSB5 Dark Blood, 8 oz/236 ml $15.00
BN-DSB6 Dark Blood, 16 oz/473 ml jug $24.00
BN-DSB7 Dark Blood, 32 oz/946 ml jug $38.00

Complete Blood Pack

Fill these gelatin capsules with Stage Blood several hours before use. Bite into capsules, and let the blood flow.

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BN-GB0 Blood & 12 Gel Caps, 0.5 oz / 14 ml $8.00

Gelatin Blood Capsules

Open capsule, and fill one half nearly full with blood. Capsules hold their shape even if not used for several days. Place in mouth and bite down to release blood.

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BN-GB1 10 Pack Gel Caps, 0.5 oz / 14 ml $5.00
BN-GB2 32 Pack Gel Caps, 0.5 oz / 14 ml $12.00

Thick Blood

Moist, jam-like texture can be used to fill wounds or "scraped" along skin with a stipple sponge for an abrasion or road rash. Add droplets of Stage Blood for realism. Washable.

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BN-TB0 Thick Blood, .5 oz / 14 gm $5.00
BN-TB1 Thick Blood, 1 oz / 28 gm $7.50
BN-TB2 Thick Blood, 6 oz / 170 gm $22.00
BN-TB3 Thick Blood, 16 oz / 454 gm $38.00

Fresh Scab

Authentic brownish-blood tint for older, dried blood clotting effects. Bloods never completely "set", but the outer layer "scabs over". Washable. May stain some fabrics; test before use.

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BN-TS1 28gm Fresh Scab $7.50
BN-TS2 170gm Fresh Scab $22.00
BN-TS3 454gm Fresh Scab $38.00

Gel Effects

Gel Effects

Gel Effects

Effects Gel Wound Kit

Design durable and realistic lacerations, burns, wounds, and scars with this useful pack of gels. Wounds may be pre-made. Detailed instructions included. Available in 1 oz. or 2oz. sets of Blood, Scar, and Flesh.

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BN-GE10 Three 1 oz / 29 ml bottles $24.00
BN-GE11 Three 2 oz / 59 ml bottles $30.00

Effects Gel

Useful, realistic colored gels produce durable self-made wounds, cuts, burns, and scars. Warm until gel turns to a liquid. Create wound and allow to "set" as it cools.

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BN-GE1 Blood 1oz EFX Gel $10.00
BN-GE2 Blood 2oz EFX Gel $12.00
BN-GE3 Flesh (Clear) 1oz EFX Gel $10.00
BN-GE4 Flesh (Clear) 2oz EFX Gel $12.00
BN-GE5 Scar (Opaque) 1oz EFX Gel $10.00
BN-GE6 Scar (Opaque) 2oz EFX Gel $12.00

Prosthetic Effects

Bald Cap

Bald Cap

We offer an excellent latex bald cap made by Woochie Labs. Watch our video,"How to Apply a Bald Cap", to perfect application. Apply with Spirit Gum, contour edges with Liquid Latex. Seal with Castor Sealer to prevent discoloration. Texture with base and Bald Cap Stipple Wheel. If removed carefully, the cap is reusable.

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BN-BP0 Bald Cap by Woochie $16.00

Liquid Latex

This natural rubber is multi-functional. Apply to stretched skin for dramatic aging, or stipple to skin for extreme sunburn and wounds. Seals wounds made from Nose & Scar Wax. Pour into a slip rubber mold to make prosthetic appliances. Fair flesh tone dries almost transparent.

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BN-LL1 1oz/29ml Liquid Latex $6.00
BN-LL2 2oz/59ml Liquid Latex $9.00
BN-LL25 4oz/118ml Liquid Latex $13.00
BN-LL3 8oz/236ml Liquid Latex $20.00
BN-LL4 16oz/532ml jug Liquid Latex $30.00
BN-LL5 32oz/946ml jug Liquid Latex $44.00

Clear Latex

Occasionally, artists prefer a colorless latex. It possesses identical qualities as detailed in the prior section.

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BN-LR1 29ml Clear Latex $5.50
BN-LR25 118ml Clear Latex $11.00

Latex for Sensitive Skin

Try this low ammonia formula for extremely dry or sensitive skin.

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BN-LL52 59ml Latex for Sensitive Skin $12.00

Wrinkle Stipple

This specialty latex is thinner than Liquid Latex. After it dries, demarcation line between Stipple and skin is nearly invisible. Ideal to create subtle facial wrinkling, especially crow's feet. Apply Castor Sealer to prevent discoloration before creme makeup is applied. Light flesh tone dries nearly clear.

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BN-WS1 29ml Wrinkle Stipple $5.50

Castor Sealer

Ideal for all slip rubber and latex materials. Eliminates the need for rubber mask grease and prevents discoloration when creme makeups are applied.

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BN-KS00 14ml Castor Sealer $3.00
BN-KS0 29ml Castor Sealer $3.50
BN-KS1 59ml Castor Sealer $6.00
BN-KS2 236ml Castor Sealer $12.00

Nose & Scar Wax

Modeling Wax

Modeling Wax

Our modeling wax is pliable, yet firm, to create simulated injuries and facial distortions such as a bullet hole or broken nose. Available in tow translucent tones: Fair, Light Brown and Brown. Spirit Gum beneath wax provides longer wear. Seal with Liquid Latex.


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BN-NW1 Nose/Scar Wax Fair 1 oz / 28 gm $5.00
BN-NW2 Nose/Scar Wax Fair 2 oz / 56 gm $8.00
BN-NW3 Nose/Scar Wax Fair 8 oz / 227 gm $18.00
BN-NW4 Nose/Scar Wax Fair 16 o z/ 454 gm $29.00

Light Brown

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BN-LBW1 28gm Nose/Scar Wax Light Brown $5.00
BN-LBW2 56gm Nose/Scar Wax Light Brown $8.00
BN-LBW3 227gm Nose/Scar Wax Light Brown $18.00


Add Model # Description Price
BN-BW1 Nose/Scar Wax Brown 1 oz / 28 gm $5.00
BN-BW2 Nose/Scar Wax Brown 2 oz / 56 gm $8.00
BN-BW3 Nose/Scar Wax Brown 8 oz / 227 gm $18.00
BN-BW4 Nose/Scar Wax Brown 16 oz / 454 gm $29.00

Bone Simulation Wax

Bone Simulation Wax

Bone Simulation Wax

Used to construct bone pieces for compound fractures and the like. White in color. Sculpt, hot sculpt or cast into your own molds. Can be glued to the skin. Simular to nose wax in application.

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BN-BS2 Bone Simulation Wax 2oz/56gm $8.00
BN-BS3 Bone Simulation Wax 8oz/227gm $18.00
BN-BS4 Bone Simulation Wax 16oz/454gm $29.00