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Clown alleys, clubs, and ministries throughout North America brighten the lives of countless individuals. Their deeds are truly inspirational, and we, in turn, are dedicated to providing the finest makeup available to perpetuate this timeless art.

Clown White

Clown White

Our highly pigmented bright white formula. Professional clowns prefer Ben Nye's softer, easier to apply texture. Applications: 5-10 faces per ounce.

Add Model # Description Price
BN-CW1 18gm Clown White $3.50
BN-CW2 49gm Clown White $6.00
BN-CW3 63gm Clown White $8.50
BN-CW4 227gm Clown White $16.00
BN-CW5 454gm Clown White $22.00

Clown White Lite

Clown White Lite

Great for performers who like lightness with a bright white finish. Many clowns say it holds up to wrinkles and remains durable under hot, humid conditions.

Applications: 75-125 full faces.

Add Model # Description Price
BN-FP102 28gm Clwn Wht Lite $12.00
BN-FP202 70gm Clwn Wht Lite $16.00

Professional Clown Series

Busy entertainers often prefer larger, economical sizes of our Pro Clown Series. Creme shades are easy to apply and richly pigmented for long wear.

FP 1oz./28gm. Applications: 75-125 full faces. [Color Chart]

Add Model # Description Price
BN-FP10 Big Top Auguste P Clown Series $12.00
BN-FP100 Auguste P Clown Series $12.00
BN-FP101 Light Auguste P Clown Series $12.00
BN-FP103 Fire Red P Clown Series $12.00
BN-FP104 True Red P Clown Series $12.00
BN-FP105 Bright Pink P Clown Series $12.00
BN-FP106 Blue P Clown Series $12.00
BN-FP107 Black P Clown Series $12.00
BN-FP108 Yellow P Clown Series $12.00
BN-FP109 Blue Spirit P Clown Series $12.00
BN-FP110 Kelly Green P Clown Series $12.00
BN-FP112 28gm Grey $12.00
BN-FP114 28gm Orange $12.00
BN-FP116 28gm Purple $12.00

Creme Clown Palette

Creme Clown Palette

Each kit includes clown favorites and a useful flat brush. Creme Palette Refills are available for each kit shown below.

Applications: 75-300 per kit.

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BN-LKP-2 Call for Price


Add Model # Description Price
BN-RCL1 White Cream Refill $4.00
BN-RCL211 Kelly Green Cream Refill $4.00
BN-RCL5 Yellow Cream Refill $4.00
BN-RCL13 Fire Red Cream Refill $4.00
BN-RCL19 Blue Cream Refill $4.00
BN-RCL29 Black Cream Refill $4.00
BN-RCR01 True Red Cream Refill $4.00
BN-RPP101 Light Auguste Cream Refill $4.00
BN-RPP10 Auguste Cream Refill $4.00

Character Wheels

Character Wheels

Create any character with just a spark of imagination and our indispensable Character Wheels. Two to four shades each.

WK .5oz./14gm. Applications: 24-100 designs per wheel.

Add Model # Description Price
BN-WK11 Clown Wheel MakeUp Wheel $13.00
BN-WK21 Vampire MakeUp Wheel $13.00
BN-WK51 Red White Black MakeUp Wheel $13.00

Red Foam Noses

Red Foam Noses

Add Model # Description Price
BN-RN1 1.5" Red Foam Nose $1.50
BN-RN3 2" Red Foam Nose $2.00

Bright Color (BB) Series

Our most popular Creme Color shades in traditional foundation size. Highly pigmented for endurance and brilliance.

strong>BB .5oz./14gm.

Applications: 30-50. See CL-color listed below for color match on the [Color Chart]

Add Model # Description Price
BN-BB2 Grey Brt Color $8.00
BN-BB4 Fire Red Brt Color $8.00
BN-BB5 Orange Brt Color $8.00
BN-BB6 Blue Brt Color $8.00
BN-BB7 Purple Brt Color $8.00
BN-BB8 Green Brt Color $8.00
BN-BB81 Kelly Green Brt Color $8.00
BN-BB9 Yellow Brt Color $8.00