Ben Nye Creme Colors
by Special Effect Supply

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The versatility of creme allows application in thin, easily correctable layers of color. Blend into base or apply directly to skin. Skin texture glows while flaws are concealed. Fragrance free and gentle to the skin.

Rouge Wheel

Creme Rouge Wheel
Ben Nye's blendable creme blush shades color cheeks naturally. Inspired by fashion magazines and European artists, this indispensable wheel offers six beautiful shades, from subtle to vibrant.
CR-100 1oz./28gm. Applications: 50-200.

CAT # Description Price Add
BN-CR100 Shades: CR-3 Sandy Rose, CL-13 Fire Red, CR-0 Carnation Pink, CR-4 Raspberry, CR-7 Coral, CR-2 Dusty Rose. $18.00 Add
Creme Cheek Rouge

Creme Cheek Rouge
Creme Rouges radiate warmth and accentuate facial contours. Rich pigmentation assures versatility for intense coverage or natural subtlety.
CR .25oz./7gm. Applications: 35-125. [Color Chart]

CAT # Description Price Add
BN-CR0 Carnation Pink $6.00 Add
BN-CR1 Red $6.00 Add
BN-CR2 Dusty Rose $6.00 Add
BN-CR3 Sandy Rose $6.00 Add
BN-CR35 Natural $6.00 Add
BN-CR38 Dusty Mauve $6.00 Add
BN-CR4 Raspberry $6.00 Add
BN-CR5 Dark Tech $6.00 Add
BN-CR7 Coral $6.00 Add
BN-CR8 Blush Coral $6.00 Add
BN-CR9 Red Rocks $6.00 Add

Creme Highlight

Creme Highlight
Highlight emphasizes and improves facial features. Deep shades diminish under eye discoloration. Strategic application beneath the cheeks, eyes and jowls creates the illusion of hollow cheeks, crows feet, sagging skin, or bags.
CH .25oz./7gm. Applications: 35-125. [Color Chart]

CAT # Description Price Add
BN-CH0 Ultralite $6.00 Add
BN-CH01 Natural Lite $6.00 Add
BN-CH1 Extra Lite $6.00 Add
BN-CH2 Lite $6.00 Add
BN-CH6 Dark $6.00 Add

Creme Brown Shadow

Creme Brown Shadow
Shadows add depth and contour. Use subtle shades to lightly contour facial structure, deeper shades for dramatic "sculpting" and aging.
CL .25oz./7gm. Applications: 35-125. [Color Chart]

CAT # Description Price Add
BN-CS11 Natural Brown Currently Unavailable N/A
BN-CS21 Contour Brown $6.00 Add
BN-CS1 Subtle $6.00 Add
BN-CS2 Medium Brown Currently Unavailable N/A
BN-CS3 Character Shadow $6.00 Add
BN-CS4 Dark Brown $6.00 Add
BN-CS5 Extra Dark $6.00 Add
BN-CS6 Midnight Brown $6.00 Add

Creme Color

Creme Color
Our moist Creme Colors are ideal for eyes, lips, and cheeks, special effects and a multitude of designs. Apply directly to bare skin, blend into foundation, or paint over set makeup for subtle to highly dramatic effects.
CL .25oz/7gm. Applications: 35-125. [Color Chart]

CAT # Description Price Add
BN-CL1 White $6.00 Add
BN-CL2 Forest Green $6.00 Add
BN-CL211 Kelly Green $6.00 Add
BN-CL3 Green $6.00 Add
BN-CL31 Army Green $6.00 Add
BN-CL32 Lime Green $6.00 Add
BN-CL33 Gecko Green $6.00 Add
BN-CL4 Bright Pink $6.00 Add
BN-CL5 Yellow $6.00 Add
BN-CL6 Goldenrod $6.00 Add
BN-CL61 Desert Tan $6.00 Add
BN-CL7 Orange $6.00 Add
BN-CL70 Special Orange $6.00 Add
BN-CL8 Mauve $6.00 Add
BN-CL9 Sunburn Stipple $6.00 Add
BN-CL10 Dark Sunburn $6.00 Add
BN-CL11 Cinnamon $6.00 Add
BN-CL12 Copper Brown $6.00 Add
BN-CL13 Fire Red $6.00 Add
BN-CL130 Special Red $6.00 Add
BN-CL131 Fresh Cut $6.00 Add
BN-CL14 Blood Red $6.00 Add
BN-CL15 Maroon $6.00 Add
BN-CL16 Vivid Violet $6.00 Add
BN-CL17 Misty Violet $6.00 Add
BN-CL18 Purple $6.00 Add
BN-CL19 Blue $6.00 Add
BN-CL191 Cosmic Blue $6.00 Add
BN-CL20 Turquoise $6.00 Add
BN-CL21 Peacock Blue $6.00 Add
BN-CL22 Sky Blue $6.00 Add
BN-CL23 Blue Grey $6.00 Add
BN-CL25 Steel Grey $6.00 Add
BN-CL26 Grey $6.00 Add
BN-CL27 Beard Stipple $6.00 Add
BN-CL28 Coal $6.00 Add
BN-CL29 Black $6.00 Add

Ogre Green Pro Creme Series
Ben Nye's Ogre Green is ideal for aliens, creatures, bruises and more. Its highly pigmented, creamy texture is easy to apply. Set with Neutral Set Powder for durable brilliance.
FP-111 1oz./28gm. Applications: 75-300.

CAT # Description Price Add
BN-FP111 Ogre Green Pro Creme Series $12.00 Add