Ben Nye Magicolor® Liquid Paints & Glitter
by Special Effect Supply

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MagiColor Face and Body Paints perform brilliantly on the face, body, and hair.

Best Results Artist Mark Frazier, designer of our Jester body makeup, recommends spraying the skin with Final Seal before airbrushing with Liquid Paints. According to Mark, "Final Seal works as a shield between the paint and oils in the skin. The paint remains smooth and intact for hours."

Aqua Glitter

Aqua Glitter
Go for the glam! Great for just about any occasion. Just shake and apply over makeup, or directly to hair, face and body. Dries to a flake-resistant finish. Brush applicator included.
AG 1fl.oz./29ml. Applications: 20-60. [Color Chart]

CAT # Description Price Add
BN-AG1 Gold $9.00 Add
BN-AG2 Silver $9.00 Add
BN-AG3 Red $9.00 Add
BN-AG4 Blue $9.00 Add
BN-AG5 Fuchsia $9.00 Add
BN-AG6 Green $9.00 Add
BN-AG7 Purple $9.00 Add
BN-AG8 Neon Green $9.00 Add
BN-AG10 Copper $9.00 Add
BN-AG11 Galactic Violet $9.00 Add

Glitz It

Glitz It Glitter Gel
Like a galaxy of sparkling diamonds, Glitz It combines holographic Opal Ice glitter in an invisible gel that quickly dries to a matte finish. Irresistible effects for face, hair, and body.
GG 1oz./28gm., Applications: 3-50 per ounce.

CAT # Description Price Add
BN-GG1 1oz/28gm $8.00 Add


Sparklers Glitter
Glow with glitter on the face, hair, nearly everywhere. Press Sparklers into unpowdered creme makeup, or sprinkle into Glitter Glue or lightly sprayed LiquiSet Sealer. Small MD container includes a convenient plug fitment. Apply with Tapered Point Brush for precise application.
MD .14oz./4gm. Applications: 10-50. [Color Chart]

CAT # Description Price Add
BN-MD1 Opal Ice $6.00 Add
BN-MD2 Fire Red $6.00 Add
BN-MD3 Gold $6.00 Add
BN-MD310 Gold Prism $6.00 Add
BN-MD4 Silver $6.00 Add
BN-MD5 Royal Blue $6.00 Add
BN-MD6 Fuchsia $6.00 Add
BN-MD7 Emerald Green $6.00 Add
BN-MD8 Brilliant Purple $6.00 Add
BN-MD9 Neon Green $6.00 Add
BN-MD10 Silver Prism $6.00 Add
BN-MD11 Black Diamond $6.00 Add
BN-MD12 Copper $6.00 Add
BN-MD13 Galactic Violet $6.00 Add

Large Sparklers
LD .5oz./14gm. Applications: 10-50 [Color Chart]

CAT # Description Price Add
BN-LD1 Opal Ice $12.00 Add
BN-LD2 Fire Red $12.00 Add
BN-LD3 Gold $12.00 Add
BN-LD310 Gold Prism $12.00 Add
BN-LD4 Silver $12.00 Add
BN-LD5 Royal Blue $12.00 Add
BN-LD6 Fuchsia $12.00 Add
BN-LD7 Emerald Green $12.00 Add
BN-LD8 Brilliant Purple $12.00 Add
BN-LD9 Neon Green $12.00 Add
BN-LD10 Silver Prism $12.00 Add
BN-LD11 Black Diamond $12.00 Add
BN-LD12 Copper $12.00 Add
BN-LD13 Galactic Violet $12.00 Add

Glitter Glue
AGB 1 fl oz/29 ml.

CAT # Description Price Add
BN-AGB 1oz/29ml Flammable, Must be shipped UPS Ground $5.00 Flame Add

Liquid Paint

MagiColor Liquid Face Paints
MagiColor Paints are beautifully designed with an incredible color range. Highly pigmented, paints dry quickly to a smudge and water-resistant finish. Apply with brush, sponge, or airbrush. If desired, thin paints with 10% Final Seal for airbrush.
ML 1fl.oz./29ml. Applications: 20-70 per ounce. [Color Chart]

CAT # Description Price Add
BN-ML01 White $7.50 Add
BN-ML03 Black $7.50 Add
BN-ML05 Red $7.50 Add
BN-ML07 Blue $7.50 Add
BN-ML09 Bright Yellow $7.50 Add
BN-ML11 Green $7.00 Add
BN-ML13 Golden Yellow $7.50 Add
BN-ML15 Purple $7.50 Add
BN-ML17 Pink $7.50 Add
BN-ML19 Orange $7.50 Add
BN-ML21 Rust $7.50 Add
BN-ML23 Warm Brown $7.50 Add
BN-ML25 Grey $7.50 Add
BN-ML27 Turquoise $7.50 Add
BN-ML29 Magenta $7.50 Add
BN-ML30 Fire Red $7.50 Add
BN-ML31 Cosmic Blue $7.50 Add
BN-ML32 Kelly Green $7.50 Add
BN-ML34 Cranberry $7.50 Add
BN-ML35 Royal Violet $7.50 Add
BN-ML36 Marigold $7.50 Add
BN-ML37 Sapphire Blue $7.50 Add

Refill 4fl.oz./118ml.

CAT # Description Price Add
BN-ML02 White $18.00 Add
BN-ML04 Black $18.00 Add
BN-ML06 Red $18.00 Add
BN-ML08 Blue $18.00 Add
BN-ML10 Bright Yellow $18.00 Add
BN-ML12 Green $18.00 Add
BN-ML413 Golden Yellow $18.00 Add
BN-ML419 Orange $18.00 Add
BN-ML423 Warm Brown $18.00 Add
BN-ML425 Grey $18.00 Add
BN-ML427 Turquoise $18.00 Add
BN-ML431 Cosmic Blue $18.00 Add
BN-ML432 Kelly Green $18.00 Add
BN-ML437 Sapphire Blue $18.00 Add