Ben Nye Magicake® Aqua Paints Refills

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Best Results Best when applied with a flat brush. Adequately mix with water or LiquiSet to form a creamy consistency. Apply to clean, dry skin and allow to dry to a smudge-resistant finish. Spray Final Seal over completed designs for extra durability. For quick removal, clean skin (and brushes, too) with Hydra Cleanse oil-free cleanser.

MagiCake Refills

MagiCake Refills

MagiCake Aqua Paints have earned kudos for powerful color and rich consistency. All forty-two MagiCake shades are available as refills. Empty six color Palette Box (BXE-6)and twelve color Palette Box (BXE-12) available to customize as you wish!

Refill: .14oz./4gm. (for BXE-6 and BXE-12 Metal Palette Boxes)

Available in all 42 MagiCake shades.

MagiCake Refills
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