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Animatronics: Guide to Holiday Displays, 1st ED

Edward Wise

Finally, a book that covers the basics of amateur animatronics! Electronic hobbyists and Home Haunters, take note! This hands-on, project-oriented book on animated holiday display covers simple, classic projects and advanced motion animation used in professional mechatronic systems. It includes tips and tricks for sculpting and decorating all of your self-operated mechanisms along the way. Author Edwin Wise takes the reader inside his world of robotics in an innovative guide to designing, developing, and building animated displays centered around the holidays of Halloween and Christmas. Covers four broad categories including: electrical animations, pneumatic animations, servo animations, and control systems. Also covered are "background" projects that include stationary systems such as fog chillers and how to make water glow under black light. This book guides you through the project of building and shows how to control it with AC motors and pneumatics systems inside your animated props. This does overlap a little with his other volume, "Applied Robotics" (see below).


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B194 Animatronics: Guide to Holiday Displays, 1st ED $44.95 Add

Applied Robotics

Edward Wise

A hands-on introduction to the field of robotics, this book will guide the hobbyist through the issues and challenges of building a working robot. Each chapter builds upon the previous one, extending a core robot project throughout the book. Examples of chapters include: mechanical platforms, power supplies, adding sense, microcontrollers, insect robots, pneumatics, more behavior and intelligence, programming projects, robot behaviors, and much more.


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B848 Check availabilityN/A
Techniques of Three-Dimensional Makeup

Lee Baygan

Highly Recommended
The most complete book on makeup prosthetics available. Contents include:

  • Making a Life Mask
  • Breakdown of the Life Mask
  • The Three-Piece Mold
  • Casting Hands
  • Modeling and Modeling Tools
  • Modeling and Casting Large Pieces
  • Foam Latex
  • Making Teeth
  • Making Ears
  • Casting a Full Head
  • Plus much more

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B613 Techniques of Three-Dimensional Makeup $29.95 Add

Grande Illusions

New Grande Illusions: Books 1 & 2

Tom Savini

Legendary special make-up effects artist, Tom Savini's books, Grande Illusions and Grande Illusions II, have been entertaining readers and educating the next generation of artists for decades. Now, for the first time, both books are combined into one ultimate guide to the craft and art of make-up effects. With hundreds of pictures and diagrams, Grande Illusions uses Tom's real world experience on dozens of classic movies to show the readers exactly how he did each effect in an easy to understand step-by-step guide. This book offers budding make-up artists and film fans a firsthand look at how cinematic illusions are created. Some of the amazing effects that are explained in this book are from legendary films such as: Friday the 13th, Creepshow, The Burning, Maniac, The Prowler, Dawn of the Dead, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, Monkey Shines, Red Scorpion, Texas Chainsaw Massacre II, Night of the Living Dead (1990) and others. Using his own films as an example, Tom teaches not only how he did each effect, but also how to do head casts, make case molds, punching hair, sketching, color plates and casting teeth, giving budding artists a full understanding of the craft. With amazing introductions by fellow legends, Stephen King, George Romero and Dick Smith, Grande Illusions is sure to thrill and entice film fans and become and become a constant companion for new make-up artists.

ISBN: 0988446898

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B892 Grande Illusions Book I and II Currently Unavailable N/A


More Grande Illusions

Tom Savini

At last the long awaited sequel to the academy award winner's best-selling book. Features many of the author's later film projects. Also known as Grande Illusions Book II.

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B121 More Grande Illusions (or Grande Ill. Book II) $19.95 Add

Do It Yourself Vacuum Forming

Douglas E. Walsh

This is the only book that covers all the basics of low-cost vacuum forming, including molds, materials, heat sources, vacuum sources and suppliers. It offers many excellent ideas for people who want to get set up on a limited budget. This book is well worth the investment. We consider it one of our Top Ten Books available for purchase.

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B086 Do It Yourself Vacuum Forming $14.00 Add
Molding & Casting Handbook

Thurston James

The Moldmaking Guide is 63 pages. The Casting Guide is 77 pages. The Source Guide for Modelmaking, Moldmaking, and Casting Materials is 28 pages, and contains 279 sources for 219 materials! There is also a Bonus Guide with charts and other valuable information. The covers are plain paper and are stapled together, but they contain the best collection of practical information ever seen in an easy-to-read format. They cover procedures used extensively in special effects and other industries.

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B281 Molding & Casting Handbook $19.95 Add
Mold Making and Casting Guides:

Castcraft Co.

Set includes the following four books:


Moldmaking Guide is 63 pages. Casting Guide is 77 pages. Source Guide for 186 sources of 210 materials is 28 pages. There is also a Bonus Guide with charts and other valuable information. The covers are plain and are stapled together, but they contain the best collection of practical information ever seen in an easy-to-read format. Covers procedures used extensively in special effects and other industries.

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B042 Mold Making and Casting Guides (4 pcs.) $36.00 Add


The Monstrous Make-Up Manual Book #1

Mike Spatola

Learn how the experts create fun and frightening horror make-ups. From simple to state of the art techniques for Hobbyists, Haunted Attractions and the Film Industry. Over 26 terrifying make-ups and hundreds of pro techniques, (with Zombies and Vampires Galore!) The single most illustrated step-by-step guide on monster make-up...Ever!

Professional Techniques include easy step-by-step instructions for: Foam Latex Appliances, Pros-Aide Transfers, Encapsulated Silicone Appliances, Airbrushing, Mold Making, Sculpting, 3D Out of the Kit techniques, Making Dentures, Face Casting Plus: Simple Paint and Powder Make-ups Too!

B129 B129 B129 B129

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B183 The Monstrous Make-Up Manual $44.95 Add
The Monstrous Make-Up Manual Book #2

Mike Spatola

This book will become the college text book for makeup special effects. It is huge! 384 jam packed color pages, 1200 step-by-step photos and instructions for: Foam Latex Appliances, Pros-aide Transfers, Encapsulated Silicone Appliances, Gelatin Appliance, Airbrushing, Mold Making, Sculpting, Making Dentures, Face Casting and much more. If you have a haunted house or simply a desire to do great makeup, this is the book for you!

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B020 The Monstrous Make-Up Manual Book #2 $49.50 Add

Behind the Mask

Mark Salisbury and Alan Hedgcock

Take a close look at the men and their monsters: Dick Smith, Stan Winston, Rick Baker, Rob Bottin, Steve Johnson. Highlights film's greatest monsters from The Exorcist to Jurassic Park. Sure to be a classic.

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B885 Behind the Mask $23.95 Add


Fifty Frights and More

50 Great Room and Ride Ideas for Hayrides and Haunted Houses

Steve Biggs and Doug Erekson

A fresh collection of stories and room ideas written specifically for haunted hayrides and narrated haunted houses. Includes clever twists to old ideas and many new ones. Also includes five stories that can be turned into local legends. Each idea is broken down into its own three-act story structure; set-up, development and payoff. Save yourself production costs by creating the "Theater of the mind."

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B212 Fifty Frights and More, 50 Great Ideas $29.95 Add
Field of Screams

How To Promote Halloween and Haunted Attractions

Michael M. Cruz

Written by one of the most respected Haunted House Marketers. Covers some very essential marketing basics. Contents include: The "Eventive" Concept, 7 Steps to a Successful Marketing Campaign, packaging, identity enhancement strategies, spin-off activities, charity, hospitality, income, selling clientele, advertising, publicity, promotions, sponsorship and much more.

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B301 Field of Screams $29.95 Add

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