Fake Eyes
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We carry fake eyeballs and human-sized plastic eyeballs. The plastic eyeballs have a slightly larger cornea than a normal human eye, but this is sometimes to your advantage for a more dramatic effect. Sometimes, the plastic eyeballs can be taken apart and repainted or used in mechanical eye mechs. We will not split the eyeballs for you.

For information on how to polish acrylic please Click Here

If you are looking for hemispheres you can use to make eyeballs of your own please check out our Hemispheres page.

If you need creature or animal eyes we suggest you contact a taxidermy supply house such as www.jonas-supply.com. Be sure to tell them Special Effect Supply sent you!

If you need special effects contact lenses, which we do not sell, a list of suppliers can be found in the Contact Lens List.


Plastic Eyeballs

26mm Plastic Eyeballs are human sized except for the cornea, which is slightly larger than a human cornea. Detail printing of the iris is rather geometric and upon close examination will look fake, but eyes can sometimes be taken apart and repainted. These are excellent for inexpensive animation projects. Please specify the color eyeballs you would like.

TDSBE are available in: violet, blue, green, grey, brown and dark brown.

TDSHR are available in: blue, brown, light violet, green, light grey, cobalt, and hazel.

These are sold in pairs only. Once again, we will not split eyeballs for you.


Plastic Eyeballs with a Corneal Bulge
These pairs of 26mm eyeballs have a corneal bulge. Specify color using the chart above.

CAT # Description Price    Add   
TDSBE Eyeballs with corneal bulge $8.50 Add


Plastic Eyeballs, Half-Round, with a Slight Corneal Bulge

CAT # Description Price    Add   
TDSHR Eyeballs, Half-Round $9.99 Add

Special Effect Contact Lenses

I've had many requests for information on Special Effects Contact lenses. The FDA regulates contact lenses, so be very careful of any company which sells them directly without going through an eye doctor. Everyone who deals with contact lenses should be licensed in some way or another. For this reason, I do not sell contact lenses. Below are several companies who specialize in these kinds of lenses:

Dr. John Patterson

"We have great prices, hand painted in U.S.A. High quality and always available! Check out our website at www.lensquest.com" -- Dr. John Patterson.

Dr. Cassel

"Some of our lenses have been found in major motion pictures working with such actors including Robert DeNiro, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Billy Crystal, Glenn Close, Alec Baldwin, and many more. We also provide the most incredible custom special effect lenses that can be made with any color or design." -- Dr. Cassel.

Contact Lenses Online

(800) 498 8488 (Voice/Fax within USA)
(508) 762 8520 (Voice/Fax, International)
Providing contact lenses at wholesale prices and a wide selection of special effects contact lenses for: the theatre and movie industry, costumes, prosthetics, and general purpose.

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