Kryolan Airbrushes and Makeup
by Special Effect Supply
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Kryolan's Airbrush makeup is the product of many years of experience and experimentation. Far superior to watered-down body paint, these formulas have all the qualities a demanding artist wants from an airbrush ready makeup.


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ORDERING NOTE: The color chart we have provided with this page is based on the Kryolan English/USA catalog. If you are in Asia or Europe, please make sure you order based on our charts as Kryolan uses a different color system per each continent. Please allow a few business days for us to receive the product from the warehouse.

AIR STREAM Make-up Colors
A micronized, fine particle makeup product in an aqueous medium, for application with an air brush. These makeup colors have been designed to be sprayed at very low pressure (less than 0.5 bar) - which means that application process is pleasant for the model.

AIR STREAM Make-up Colors provide the makeup artist for the first time with a professional preparation to achieve makeup results with uniformity that was previously unimaginable.

The makeup artist sprays AIR STREAM Make-up Colors from a distance of approx. 10...15 cm. The makeup, applied without contact, dries very fast, and is smudge-proof and durable. These products can be easily removed with AquaCleans.

AIR STREAM Make-up Colors are available in an extensive selection of foundation colors - (see web page Color Chart 104 or page 104 in Kryolan's newest catalog) in addition to shading and bright colors for perfect facial makeup. These colors (from the GK line) can of course be also applied to the body.

An additional special line of colors is also available for the body. The colors (from the K line) are also approved by the European Union for use on the face.

Select from 54 colors from the following color chart: [COLOR CHART 104] or page 104 in Kryolan's newest catalog.

CAT # Description Price Add
K09830 15 ml (1/2 fl. ounce) Currently Unavailable N/A
K09831 75 ml (apx. 2 1/2 fl. oz.) Currently Unavailable N/A
K09834 1000 ml (apx. 1 US Quart.) Currently Unavailable N/A

Ordering Note: Yes, we are having difficultly keeping this stuff on the shelf. Please order well before you need it. Thanks, SB

HISTORY: When digital cameras appeared in the mid-nineties makeup artists turned to the airbrush to take off the hard edge that pixelated images brought to skin texture. Liquid face and body paints such as AquaColor (see Kryolan AquaColor Liquid Makeup) were used with good success but always needed to be reduced -- a time consuming and sometimes frustrating task. The few companies who made airbrush ready makeups charged too much for so-so products. Kryolan, who pioneered airbrush technique and literally wrote the book on the subject, was the perfect company to develop this line. The formula was fine-tuned during 2004 and introduced to a few dealers throughout the world. We are very pleased to add it to our extensive line of liquid makeups.

TECHNICAL NOTES: Air Stream Make-up gives you the three qualities you need when you spray liquid makeup; Viscosity, which allows the makeup to flow through the airbrush without restraint. Stability, which significantly reduces slump, so that you don't have to stir the makeup in the cup as often. Fine Particle Size, so that it will spray in finer brushes with less clogging.

If you have come from the world of face-painting to airbrush ready makeup you will be a little disappointed. First, you can't brush or sponge it on, and it costs a lot more than normal sprayables. As with all liquid face and body paints it is very easy to mix colors. Being airbrush ready also means you don't need to worry about your polymer ratios, because it's already built-in. You also don't need to worry about diluting the chemical protection by introducing water. If you do need to dilute it, please use distilled water or one of many dilution agents that are available.

Air Stream does not contain alcohol or silicone. Product is made in Germany.

Sorry, we don't give customer support for airbrush makeup sold by other companies. If you are having problems please contact the people from whom you purchased your makeup or seek the services of a profesional makeup artist.

The following is text from the Kryolan Printed catalog:

Kryolan's Air Brush Makeup

A new technique has recently been added to conventional means of makeup application: airbrushing.

Traditionally, the makeup sponge and brush sufficed for applications of makeup. Now, the airbrush has indeed become a highly appealing application for the specialized makeup artist. Contact free application of makeup with the almost imperceptible medium of air - along with the significant benefits that this method brings - have helped lead to a rapidly growing interest in this technique.

To successfully apply airbrush makeup, it is of course necessary to use specially designed makeup preparations. Just the right liquid foundation, for example, is absolutely necessary - micro-fine in consistency; designed and optimized for the airbrush. An appropriate airbrush itself, in addition to an effective mini-compressor, is naturally just as essential.

The makeup designer, with these products and this equipment, can skillfully use the new technique of airbrushing to achieve exceptionally uniform application of makeup to face and body. On this basis, it is possible to produce makeup transitions with such gentle and softly-drawn appearances with perfect visual results, even for shots with high-definition camera technology.

The chemists at KRYOLAN have developed a preparation just for these applications: AIR STREAM Makeup Colors. This new creation for the professional makeup artist was conceived especially for applications in still photography, for video takes, and not least for use with high-definition TV.

The Badgers Airbursh is a two-way device for professional applications. This proven-successful airbrush gun is highly effective for graphics as well as cosmetic jobs. The VEGA 2000 Airbrush Set contains an airbrush with two needles of different sizes, for various sprays. Needle size 5 has proven most effective for the application of airbrush makeup. This set also includes empty product jars to attach to the airbrush, as well as the connection hose to the compressor.

CAT # Description Price Add
K62104 Vega 2000 Airbrush Set only Currently Unavailable N/A

Photo from the old Kryolan catalog.

Vega 2000 Airbrush with 6x Flesh or Bright Airbrush Colors and Book

This kit features the versatile, dual-action airbrush (was K2105 now K62104, see above) and a selection of 6 popular bright colors or flesh tones with the new Airstream Makeup. Includes Jos Brand's book, Airbrush and Makeup (kit K62130). Everything you need to begin your airbrush experience is packaged in a handy zippered bag. (airbrush compressor K62200 not included, see below).

Airbrush and Makeup Book by Jos Brands, 81 pages. Dozens of examples in full color of airbrushing artistry by Jos Brands! Practical advice on equipment, its care, and techniques for application. This is a "must have."

CAT # Description Price Add
K62130 Vega 2000 Airbrush set
with 6 colors of Airstream makeup
and book (choose bright or flesh tones)
Currently Unavailable N/A

NOTE from STEVE: Please don't be intimidated by airbrush makeup equipment. It is easy to use. Most people get it with only about an hour of experimentation. Usually the instructions with the airbrush are enough to get you started. There is no special theory for glamour airbrush technique, just think of the airbrush as a method of delivering exceptionally even and smooth makeup.

Please don't forget to read our Airbrush FAQs.

Old Catalog Picture

Empty 1 oz Glass Jar for Airbrush *NEW*

CAT # Description Price Add
K62106 1 piece Currently Unavailable N/A
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