Kryolan Foundation & Cream Makeup
by Special Effect Supply
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Foundation & Cream Makeup

KRYOLAN foundations are compositions of ingredients that are especially kind to the skin. Dermatological tests have verified their outstanding skin compatibility. Experienced specialists have developed KRYOLAN foundations especially for makeup artists assigned to film, TV, video, and photographic work. Whenever highlighting of natural beauty is desired, these professional makeup preparations have become an indispensable tool. Foundations are thinly and evenly applied with a fine texture latex sponge.

Cream and grease makeup should be set with Transparent Powder. KRYOLAN Makeup Remover, Cleansing Gel, Cleansing Milk, Hydro Cleansing Oil, and AquaCleans are especially effective for gentle removal of cream and grease makeup.



Ultrafoundation is a cream foundation specially formulated for the most demanding makeup expectations. As result of its excellent covering quality. Ultrafoundation is also effective as a corrective makeup. Transparent application of Ultrafoundation is also suitable for photographic works. Its matt finish provides models with a naturally attractive appearance.

The Ultrafoundation formulation contains advanced ingredients that are recognized for particularly good skin compatibility. This formulation contains no mineral oil, to assure that the skin readily absorbs the makeup.

CAT # Description Price Add
K09002 15 ml in a round container Currently Unavailable N/A
K09004 Palette 12 colors. Select from: Olive, Peach, Carribean, Beige Currently Unavailable N/A


TV Paint Stick

Successfully proven cream makeup in stick form. The special base of TV Paint Stick allows gentle makeup application that provides effective covering at the same time - which makes this preparation indispensable for stage, film, TV, and video work. The color chart (click on above) Choose the W series and or the NB series.

Available in a handy twist-up cylinder.

CAT # Description Price Add
K05047-1W 25 ml $23.99 Add
K05047-2W 25 ml $23.99 Add
K05047-3W 25 ml Currently Unavailable N/A
K05047-4W 25 ml Currently Unavailable N/A
K05047-5W 25 ml Currently Unavailable N/A
K05047-6W 25 ml $23.99 Add
K05047-7W 25 ml $23.99 Add
K05047-8W 25 ml $23.99 Add
K05047-9W 25 ml $23.99 Add
K05047-10W 25 ml $23.99 Add
K05047-NB 25 ml $23.99 Add
K05047-NB1 25 ml $23.99 Add
K05047-NB2 25 ml $23.99 Add
K05047-NB3 25 ml $23.99 Add


Ultra Fluid Foundation

For many skin types, Fluid Foundation has proved outstanding in providing a gentle, smooth, and uniformly applied makeup. Ultra Fluid is distinguished by slightly enhanced covering quality, without loss of its transparent appearance. Glass bottle with applicator.

CAT # Description Price Add
K09130 30 ml Currently Unavailable N/A


Ultra Foundation Stick

Foundation in stick form, without mineral oil, formulated according to the latest insights into base materials. Designed to meet the most demanding professional requirements, our foundation contains additives soothing to the skin, assuring maximum comfort.

Application of Ultra Foundation is soft and supple, but still produces a natural matt look. The base and the micro-fine pigments used in this makeup mean that Ultra Foundation Stick is perfectly suited for flawless camera results.

This preparation, in other words, is the makeup for film, TV, and photography.

CAT # Description Price Add
K09047 25 ml Currently Unavailable N/A


Ultra Cream Powder

A natural, gentle makeup specially for TV and film applications.

The applications of Ultra Cream Powder is effortless, also by its extremely ultra-fine particle consistency. Its silky-soft, hydrophobic powder film also ensures lasting adherence to the skin. Models have discovered Ultra Cream Powder to be exceptionally friendly to their skin.

Powder particles coated through innovative techniques, as well as new colors - in conjunction with sophisticated micronization technology - have enabled the development of Ultra Cream Powder. In addition to the shades on the color chart, Ultra Cream Powder is also available in translucent.

CAT # Description Price Add
K09052 10 g Currently Unavailable N/A


Dual Finish

Creamy, soft-feeling compact makeup in an elegant compact, for moist or dry application. In dry form, this preparation is similar to cream powder, and is effective in lightly tinting and shading the skin.

This exclusive formula is best applied dry and followed by a moist latex sponge setting and finish this foundation application.

Moist application enables greater covering quality and color intensity on the skin. Dual Finish can be gently removed with AquaCleans, or effortlessly with soap and water.

CAT # Description Price Add
K09120 10 g Currently Unavailable N/A

Ultra Under Base pictured on left

Ultra Under Base

Under Base is the preliminary step in making up. Ultra Under Base, applied ultra-thin, allows professional application of the Ultra Foundation line, and of TV Paint Stick. A synergistic effect enhances the durability of the makeup.

CAT # Description Price Add
K09099 50 ml Currently Unavailable N/A

Ultra Makeup Base pictured on right


Ultra Makeup Base

Ultra Make-up Base, a neutralizer in the four colors of ivory, mint, blue, and lilac, achieves a natural balance to the desired skin tint.

CAT # Description Price Add
K09190 30 ml Currently Unavailable N/A


Erase Stick

A matt, color-intensive corrector with durable skin adherence, for covering minor skin imperfections. This stick comes in a convenient travel size for quick touch-ups.

Also available in white, in addition to the colors pictures here.

Twist-up stick.

CAT # Description Price Add
K01080 4 g Currently Unavailable N/A


Shimmering Event Foundation

A very light and gentle cream foundation for appealing light effects. Its shimmering and luminescent pearlescent pigments reflect light in a truly magical way, and make this foundation especially ideal for application as transparent evening makeup. Shimmering Event Foundation was formulated with advanced emulsifiers - constituents effective for use with sensitive skin and for assurance of great comfort. The integrated sunscreen factor SPF 15 makes Shimmering Event Foundation also the perfect choice for applications under strong sunlight. This product is available in six nuances, presented in attractive dispenser bottles.

Dispenser bottle

CAT # Description Price Add
K09092 50 ml Currently Unavailable N/A


Tinted Moisturizer

An exceptional cream foundation in an elegant dispenser bottle. This unusually gentle foundation, with its translucent effects, produces a fresh and natural impression. It enables picture-lovely results on the catwalk - and also for applications with photography and film. The integrated sunscreen factor SPF 15 also makes this makeup ideal for use in brilliantly sunlit ambience. Tinted Moisturizer users are particularly fond of its pleasant feeling and its comfort on their skin.

Dispenser bottle

CAT # Description Price Add
K09090 50 ml Currently Unavailable N/A
Wet Foundation


Cake Make-up

Moist-applied, intensive-color makeup in the form of compact powder. The base consists of costly constituents of soothing skin creams with moisture regulators.

Cake Make-up is specially designed for application to the neck, decollete, and body. The preparation-specific base has an hydrophobic effect, and also shows certain resistance to transpiration.

Cake Make-up is applied, thin and evenly, by a fine-pored, moist makeup sponge. The applied makeup dries quickly, and should then be buffed with a dry towel. Cake Make-up is smudge proof and does not require powdering.

Easily removed with AquaCleans, or with soap and water.

Available in 42 shades: (see color chart above) white, bright to dark skin shades, as well as grey, brown, and black.

CAT # Description Price Add
K01120 40 g Currently Unavailable N/A
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