Kryolan Special Effects Products
by Special Effect Supply
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Tooth Enamel
To color teeth. Apply onto dried tooth and let dry. Remove with alcohol pads. Not recommended for unsupervised use by children.

Select: black, white, nicotine, ivory, red, gold.

About Kryolan gold tooth enamel. This product will not make your tooth look like a gold
crown. It is just your basic tooth enamel pigmented with gold glitter. Your tooth will
look gold, but not the shiny, polished look you get if you used a gold tooth-cap.

CAT # Description Price Add
K01220 0.5 fl oz $8.10 Add

Menthol Tear Stick
Special effect product in lipstick container to produce real tears. Contains menthol and camphor.

CAT # Description Price Add
K03005 0.1 oz $7.70 Add

Transparent Jelly, Sweat Effect
Gel to achieve a wet or perspiring look on the skin. Non-greasy. Can be removed with soap and water.

CAT # Description Price Add
K01191 4 fl oz Currently Unavailable N/A
K01192 8 fl oz Currently Unavailable N/A
K01193 16 fl oz Currently Unavailable N/A
K01194 32 fl oz Currently Unavailable N/A

Phosphorescent Cream, Glow-in-the-Dark, green
Guaranteed non-toxic. After exposure to normal lighting this Vaseline based paint glows in the dark for approximately 3 to 5 minutes, in green only.

CAT # Description Price Add
K01061 0.5 oz $11.00 Add
K01062 1.3 oz $25.00 Add
K01063 2.5 oz $45.00 Add

UV-Luminous Cream
Color effect is only achieved under strong lighting by ultraviolet lamps. Non-toxic.

Select: green, blue, white, orange

CAT # Description Price Add
K01071 0.5 oz $18.60 Add
K01072 1.3 oz $43.50 Add

UV-Dayglow Aquacolor
Extra bright colors for special effects. Color effect also visible under UV lighting. Washable.

Select from 7 colors (Shades: UV-red, UV-pink, UV-green, UV-yellow, UV-blue, UV-purple, UV-orange).

CAT # Description Price Add
K05170 Palette Refill, single $6.30 Add
K05171 0.35 oz $12.32 Add
K05172 1.4 oz $20.52 Add
K05173 2.5 $25.50 Add
K05177 0.7 oz, Palette, 6 colors $34.00 Add

Faux Pus, Faux Vomit, Faux Mucus.

Faux Mucus

CAT # Description Price Add
K04701 7 fl oz, jar Currently Unavailable N/A

Faux Pus

CAT # Description Price Add
K04801 7 fl oz, jar Currently Unavailable N/A

Faux Vomit

CAT # Description Price Add
K04902 7 fl oz, jar Currently Unavailable N/A

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