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by Special Effect Supply

Makeup - body paint


We get many inquiries regarding body paint and body makeup. Please see our web site or call for more guidance. The basics are these: Paint you get at the art store is for paper, not skin. Body Paint is just water based makeup already in liquid form. Ingredients are all FDA approved. Paint you get in the art store is not FDA approved. Preferred method of application is Airbrush, Sponge, Brush in that order. Artists who have many people to paint in a short period of time will often use a conventional paint gun (automotive style). Use your airbrush for large areas, a brush for more detailed areas, and a pencil for fine lines. Any of the body paints on this page can be modified for airbrush simply by adding any sealer or additive. Remember that by adding tap water you dilute the chemical protection and run the risk of growing germs, mold, or fungi. It takes about 16 fluid ounces to paint an average person from head to toe, one fluid ounce for an arm and hand, and two fluid ounces for a head (face and head).

BN- prefix is Ben Nye Product, ME- prefix is Mehron product, K0 at the beginning of a cat number is Kryolan product.

Ben Nye Body Paint

MagiColor Liquid Face & Body Paints
by Ben Nye Co. 1oz/29ml

CAT # Description Price Add
BN-ML01 White $7.50 Add
BN-ML03 Black $7.50 Add
BN-ML05 Red $7.50 Add
BN-ML07 Blue $7.50 Add
BN-ML09 Bright Yellow $7.50 Add
BN-ML11 Green $7.00 Add
BN-ML13 Golden Yellow $7.50 Add
BN-ML15 Purple $7.50 Add
BN-ML17 Pink $7.50 Add
BN-ML19 Orange $7.50 Add
BN-ML21 Rust $7.50 Add
BN-ML23 Warm Brown $7.50 Add
BN-ML25 Grey $7.50 Add
BN-ML27 Turquoise $7.50 Add
BN-ML29 Magenta $7.50 Add
BN-ML30 Fire Red $7.50 Add
BN-ML31 Cosmic Blue $7.50 Add
BN-ML32 Kelly Green $7.50 Add
BN-ML34 Cranberry $7.50 Add
BN-ML35 Royal Violet $7.50 Add
BN-ML36 Marigold $7.50 Add
BN-ML37 Sapphire Blue $7.50 Add

MagiColor Liquid Paint

CAT # Description Price Add
BN-ML02 White $18.00 Add
BN-ML04 Black $18.00 Add
BN-ML06 Red $18.00 Add
BN-ML08 Blue $18.00 Add
BN-ML10 Bright Yellow $18.00 Add
BN-ML12 Green $18.00 Add
BN-ML413 Golden Yellow $18.00 Add
BN-ML415 Purple $18.00 Add
BN-ML419 Orange $18.00 Add
BN-ML423 Warm Brown $18.00 Add
BN-ML425 Grey $18.00 Add
BN-ML427 Turquoise $18.00 Add
BN-ML431 Cosmic Blue $18.00 Add
BN-ML432 Kelly Green $18.00 Add
BN-ML437 Sapphire Blue $18.00 Add
Ben Nye Bronzing Body Tint

Use this when you want to give light skinned people a tanned look. This is for stage use, not for the beach.

Flammable, Must be shipped UPS Ground.

CAT # Description Price Add
BN-BT0 1 fl oz/29 ml $4.00 Flame Add
BN-BT1 2 fl oz/59 ml $5.00 Flame Add
BN-BT2 8 fl oz/236 ml $10.00 Flame Add
BN-BT3 16 fl oz/473 ml Jug $17.00 Flame Add
Kryolan Liquid Body Makeup

The classic liquid body makeup useful for large choruses and crowd scenes. Washes off with soap and water.
Metallic Colors: Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze
Normal Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green.

CAT # Description Price Add
K05131 4 fl oz Currently Unavailable N/A
K05132 8 fl oz Currently Unavailable N/A
K05133 16 fl oz Currently Unavailable N/A
K05134 32 fl oz $68.90 Add
K05135 1 gallon Currently Unavailable N/A

Mehron Liquid Makeup

For Face, Body & Hair - Water-Based.
16 oz and 1 gallons available in 24 colors (see notes below)

Liquid Makeup (Water Soluble Body & Hair Paint)
A thick, rich water-based liquid which is widely acknowledged as the best product of its kind on the market. Ease of application, excellent coverage, and soap and water removal make our alcohol-free liquid makeup the perfect choice for body makeup in choruses, crowd scenes, and large-scale productions. Colors can be blended to create "custom" colors when required and may be used in the hair for a fantasy look. We carry over two dozen colors.

4.5 fl oz No. 111
(also 16 fl oz and 1 gallon)

Liquid Makeup, 4.5 fl oz
CAT # Color Description Price Add
ME-111-1B Alabaster $9.50 Add
ME-111-3B Juvenile $9.50 Add
ME-111-5B Fair Female $9.50 Add
ME-111-8B Lt. Egyptian $9.50 Add
ME-111-12B Dk. Egyptian $9.50 Add
ME-111-16B Oriental $9.50 Add
ME-111-18B Monster Gray $9.50 Add
ME-111-19B Moonlight White $9.50 Add
ME-111-4C Lt. Cocoa $9.50 Add
ME-111-7C Sable (dark brown) $9.50 Add
ME-111-10C Ebony (very dark brown) $9.50 Add
ME-111-W White $9.50 Add
ME-111-O Orange $9.50 Add
ME-111-TV4 Soft Beige $9.50 Add
ME-111-TV6 Lt. Tan $9.50 Add
ME-111-TV8 Med. Tan $9.50 Add
ME-111-24A Lt. Beige Blush Currently Unavailable N/A
ME-111-26A Tan Glow Currently Unavailable N/A
ME-111-28A Lt. Cinnamon Currently Unavailable N/A
ME-111-B Black $9.50 Add
ME-111-R Red $9.50 Add
ME-111-BL Blue $9.50 Add
ME-111-G Green $9.50 Add
ME-111-Y Yellow $9.50 Add
ME-111-P Purple $9.50 Add
ME-111-PK Pink $9.50 Add
ME-111-OS2 Light Olive $9.50 Add
ME-111-OS4 Mid-Lite Olive $9.50 Add
ME-111-OS6 Medium Olive $9.50 Add
ME-111-OS8 Mid-Dark Olive $9.50 Add
ME-111-OS10 Dark Olive $9.50 Add

CAT # Color Description Price Add
ME-111-GL   Glow-in-the-Dark $11.50 Add
ME-111-GLBL   Fluorescent (Black Light) Blue $11.50 Add
ME-111-GLL   Fluorescent (Black Light) Lime $11.50 Add
ME-111-GLO   Fluorescent (Black Light) Orange $11.50 Add
ME-111-GLY   Fluorescent (Black Light) Yellow $11.50 Add

Liquid Makeup, 16 fl oz
CAT # Color Description Price Add
ME-111-16-1B Alabaster $48.00 Add
ME-111-16-3B Juvenile $48.00 Add
ME-111-16-5B Fair Female $48.00 Add
ME-111-16-8B Lt. Egyptian $48.00 Add
ME-111-16-12B Dk. Egyptian $48.00 Add
ME-111-16-16B Oriental $48.00 Add
ME-111-16-18B Monster Gray $48.00 Add
ME-111-16-19B Moonlight White $48.00 Add
ME-111-16-4C Lt. Cocoa $48.00 Add
ME-111-16-7C Sable (dark brown) $48.00 Add
ME-111-16-10C Ebony (very dark brown) $48.00 Add
ME-111-16-W White $48.00 Add
ME-111-16-O Orange $48.00 Add
ME-111-16-TV4 Soft Beige $48.00 Add
ME-111-16-TV6 Lt. Tan $48.00 Add
ME-111-16-TV8 Med. Tan $48.00 Add
ME-111-16-24A Lt. Beige Blush Currently Unavailable N/A
ME-111-16-26A Tan Glow Currently Unavailable N/A
ME-111-16-28A Lt. Cinnamon Currently Unavailable N/A
ME-111-16-B Black $48.00 Add
ME-111-16-R Red $48.00 Add
ME-111-16-BL Blue $48.00 Add
ME-111-16-G Green $48.00 Add
ME-111-16-Y Yellow $48.00 Add
ME-111-16-P Purple $48.00 Add
ME-111-16-PK Pink $48.00 Add
ME-111-16-OS2 Light Olive $48.00 Add
ME-111-16-OS4 Mid-Lite Olive $48.00 Add
ME-111-16-OS6 Medium Olive $48.00 Add
ME-111-16-OS8 Mid-Dark Olive $48.00 Add
ME-111-16-OS10 Dark Olive $48.00 Add

CAT # Color Description Price Add
ME-111-16-GL   Glow-in-the-Dark $64.00 Add
ME-111-16-GB   Fluorescent (Black Light) Blue $64.00 Add
ME-111-16-GLL   Fluorescent (Black Light) Lime $64.00 Add
ME-111-16-GO   Fluorescent (Black Light) Orange $64.00 Add
ME-111-16-GY   Fluorescent (Black Light) Yellow $64.00 Add

Liquid Makeup, 1 Gallon
CAT # Color Description Price Add
ME-111-GL-1B Alabaster $140.00 Add
ME-111-GL-3B Juvenile $140.00 Add
ME-111-GL-5B Fair Female $140.00 Add
ME-111-GL-8B Lt. Egyptian $140.00 Add
ME-111-GL-12B Dk. Egyptian $140.00 Add
ME-111-GL-16B Oriental $140.00 Add
ME-111-GL-18B Monster Gray $140.00 Add
ME-111-GL-19B Moonlight White $140.00 Add
ME-111-GL-4C Lt. Cocoa $140.00 Add
ME-111-GL-7C Sable (dark brown) $140.00 Add
ME-111-GL-10C Ebony (very dark brown) $140.00 Add
ME-111-GL-W White $140.00 Add
ME-111-GL-O Orange $140.00 Add
ME-111-GL-TV4 Soft Beige $140.00 Add
ME-111-GL-TV6 Lt. Tan $140.00 Add
ME-111-GL-TV8 Med. Tan $140.00 Add
ME-111-GL-24A Lt. Beige Blush Currently Unavailable N/A
ME-111-GL-26A Tan Glow Currently Unavailable N/A
ME-111-GL-28A Lt. Cinnamon Currently Unavailable N/A
ME-111-GL-B Black $140.00 Add
ME-111-GL-R Red $140.00 Add
ME-111-GL-BL Blue $140.00 Add
ME-111-GL-G Green $140.00 Add
ME-111-GL-Y Yellow $140.00 Add
ME-111-GL-P Purple $140.00 Add
ME-111-GL-PK Pink $140.00 Add
ME-111-GL-OS2 Light Olive $140.00 Add
ME-111-GL-OS4 Mid-Lite Olive $140.00 Add
ME-111-GL-OS6 Medium Olive $140.00 Add
ME-111-GL-OS8 Mid-Dark Olive $140.00 Add
ME-111-GL-OS10 Dark Olive $140.00 Add

CAT # Color Description Price Add
ME-111-GGL   Glow-in-the-Dark $170.00 Add
ME-111-GGLB   Fluorescent (Black Light) Blue $170.00 Add
ME-111-GGLL   Fluorescent (Black Light) Lime $170.00 Add
ME-111-GGLO   Fluorescent (Black Light) Orange $170.00 Add
ME-111-GGLY   Fluorescent (Black Light) Yellow $170.00 Add
SES Generic Body makeup

Nothing special, but it is cheap and comes in larger sizes.

CAT # Color Description Price Add
BP-1-4   4 oz $9.00 Add
BP-1-8   8 oz $18.00 Add
BP-1-16   16 oz $38.00 Add
BP-1-32   32 oz $56.00 Add
BP-1-128   1 gallon $115.00 Add

Fair Female
CAT # Color Description Price Add
BP-2-4   4 oz $9.00 Add
BP-2-8   8 oz $18.00 Add
BP-2-16   16 oz $38.00 Add
BP-2-32   32 oz $56.00 Add
BP-2-128   1 gallon $115.00 Add

Lt. Beige Blush
CAT # Color Description Price Add
BP-3-4   4 oz $9.00 Add
BP-3-8   8 oz $18.00 Add
BP-3-16   16 oz $38.00 Add
BP-3-32   32 oz $56.00 Add
BP-3-128   1 gallon $115.00 Add

CAT # Color Description Price Add
BP-4-4   4 oz $9.00 Add
BP-4-8   8 oz $18.00 Add
BP-4-16   16 oz $38.00 Add
BP-4-32   32 oz $56.00 Add
BP-4-128   1 gallon $115.00 Add

Soft Beige
CAT # Color Description Price Add
BP-5-4   4 oz $9.00 Add
BP-5-8   8 oz $18.00 Add
BP-5-16   16 oz $38.00 Add
BP-5-32   32 oz $56.00 Add
BP-5-128   1 gallon $115.00 Add

Lt. Tan
CAT # Color Description Price Add
BP-6-4   4 oz $9.00 Add
BP-6-8   8 oz $18.00 Add
BP-6-16   16 oz $38.00 Add
BP-6-32   32 oz $56.00 Add
BP-6-128   1 gallon $115.00 Add

Med. Tan
CAT # Color Description Price Add
BP-7-4   4 oz $9.00 Add
BP-7-8   8 oz $18.00 Add
BP-7-16   16 oz $38.00 Add
BP-7-32   32 oz $56.00 Add
BP-7-128   1 gallon $115.00 Add

Tan Glow
CAT # Color Description Price Add
BP-8-4   4 oz $9.00 Add
BP-8-8   8 oz $18.00 Add
BP-8-16   16 oz $38.00 Add
BP-8-32   32 oz $56.00 Add
BP-8-128   1 gallon $115.00 Add

Lt. Cinnamon
CAT # Color Description Price Add
BP-9-4   4 oz $9.00 Add
BP-9-8   8 oz $18.00 Add
BP-9-16   16 oz $38.00 Add
BP-9-32   32 oz $56.00 Add
BP-9-128   1 gallon $115.00 Add

Dark Grey
CAT # Color Description Price Add
BP-61-4   4 oz $9.00 Add
BP-61-8   8 oz $18.00 Add
BP-61-16   16 oz $38.00 Add
BP-61-32   32 oz $56.00 Add
BP-61-128   1 gallon $115.00 Add

CAT # Color Description Price Add
BP-80-4   4 oz $9.00 Add
BP-80-8   8 oz $18.00 Add
BP-80-16   16 oz $38.00 Add
BP-80-32   32 oz $56.00 Add
BP-80-128   1 gallon $115.00 Add

CAT # Color Description Price Add
BP-81-4   4 oz $9.00 Add
BP-81-8   8 oz $18.00 Add
BP-81-16   16 oz $38.00 Add
BP-81-32   32 oz $56.00 Add
BP-81-128   1 gallon $115.00 Add

CAT # Color Description Price Add
BP-82-4   4 oz $9.00 Add
BP-82-8   8 oz $18.00 Add
BP-82-16   16 oz $38.00 Add
BP-82-32   32 oz $56.00 Add
BP-82-128   1 gallon $115.00 Add

CAT # Color Description Price Add
BP-83-4   4 oz $9.00 Add
BP-83-8   8 oz $18.00 Add
BP-83-16   16 oz $38.00 Add
BP-83-32   32 oz $56.00 Add
BP-83-128   1 gallon $115.00 Add

CAT # Color Description Price Add
BP-84-4   4 oz $9.00 Add
BP-84-8   8 oz $18.00 Add
BP-84-16   16 oz $38.00 Add
BP-84-32   32 oz $56.00 Add
BP-84-128   1 gallon $115.00 Add

CAT # Color Description Price Add
BP-85-4   4 oz $9.00 Add
BP-85-8   8 oz $18.00 Add
BP-85-16   16 oz $38.00 Add
BP-85-32   32 oz $56.00 Add
BP-85-128   1 gallon $115.00 Add

CAT # Color Description Price Add
BP-86-4   4 oz $9.00 Add
BP-86-8   8 oz $18.00 Add
BP-86-16   16 oz $38.00 Add
BP-86-32   32 oz $56.00 Add
BP-86-128   1 gallon $115.00 Add

CAT # Color Description Price Add
BP-87-4   4 oz $9.00 Add
BP-87-8   8 oz $18.00 Add
BP-87-16   16 oz $38.00 Add
BP-87-32   32 oz $56.00 Add
BP-87-128   1 gallon $115.00 Add
Sealers and Additives

In order of relative strength.

Ben Nye Final Seal Matte Makeup Sealer (Alcohol-Based)

Flammable, Must be shipped UPS Ground.

CAT # Description Price Add
BN-FY0 1 fl oz/29 ml, Spritzer $6.50 Flame Add
BN-FY2 2 fl oz/59 ml, Spritzer $8.50 Flame Add
BN-FY8 8 fl oz/236 ml $20.00 Flame Add
BN-FY16 16 fl oz/437 ml, Jug $32.00 Flame Add

Ben Nye Liquiset Mixing & Setting Liquid (Water-based)

CAT # Description Price Add
BN-LQ0 1 oz/29 ml, Spritzer $6.00 Add
BN-LQ1 1 oz/29 ml $5.50 Add
BN-LQ2 2 oz/59 ml $7.00 Add
BN-LQ21 2 oz/59 ml, Spritzer $7.50 Add
BN-LQ4 4 oz/118 ml $10.50 Add
BN-LQ16 16 oz/473 ml, Jug $26.00 Add

SES Polyset Additive
Adds sweat resistance, most comfortable to wear. For mixing or setting. Economical.

CAT # Description Price Add
PSET-8 8 fl oz $12.00 Add
PSET-16 16 fl oz $18.00 Add
PSET-32 32 fl oz $25.00 Add
PSET-128 1 gallon/128 fl oz $80.00 Add

SES Dilution Fluid
Water based fluid used to dilute body makeup without adding the risk of germ, fungi or mold development.

CAT # Description Price Add
DF-8 Dilution Flue, 8 fl oz $6.00 Add
DF-16 Dilution Flue, 16 fl oz $10.00 Add
DF-32 Dilution Flue, 32 fl oz $18.00 Add
DF-128 Dilution Flue, 1 US gallon $50.00 Add

Kryolan Fixier Spray (Sprayed over the top of existing makeup.)

Flammable, Must be shipped UPS Ground.

CAT # Description Price Add
K02291 Fixier Spray, Non-Aerosol Pump, 2.0 fl oz *S* Currently Unavailable N/A
K02292 Fixier Spray, Non-Aerosol Pump, 4.0 fl oz *S* Currently Unavailable N/A
K02293 Fixier Spray, Refill, 16.0 fl oz *S* Currently Unavailable N/A
K02294 Fixier Spray, Refill, 32.0 fl oz *S* Currently Unavailable N/A

When you receive the bottle, you will notice that it contains a very fine powder. There's no liquid, just the super fine powder. You then add some 99 percent isopropyl alcohol. You can use a lesser grade of alcohol if you want, but the 99 percent will give you the very best results. Once dissolved you can use the mixture just like you would any other alcohol based makeup sealer. Can be shipped by Air and Overseas.

Click Here for more Information on StevoSeal

CAT # Description Price Add
SOS-2 StevoSeal, 10g in a 2 oz (59ml) bottle $3.00 Add
SOS-4 StevoSeal, 20g in a 4 oz (118ml) bottle $6.00 Add
SOS-8 StevoSeal, 40g in a 8 oz (236ml) bottle $10.00 Add
SOS-16 StevoSeal, 80g in a 16 oz (473ml) bottle $16.00 Add
SOS-32 StevoSeal, 160g in a 32 oz (946ml) bottle $28.00 Add
SOS-128 StevoSeal, .64Kg in a 1 gallon (3.78 L) Jug $99.00 Add
SOS-SB StevoSeal, Mixed empty 4 oz bottle $3.00 Add
Ben Nye Crayons and pencils

MagiColor Creme Crayons Our Creme Crayons pack a lot of punch...and a load of color! Perfect for well placed strokes, and voila, your design is complete. Good for fast touch-ups, too.

CAT # Description Price Add
BN-MJ1 Bold Red, .089 oz/2.5 gm $10.00 Add
BN-MJ2 Velvet Black, .05 oz/1.4 gm $10.00 Add
BN-MJ3 Bright Blue, .05 oz/1.4 gm $10.00 Add
BN-MJ4 White, .08 oz/2.2 gm $10.00 Add
BN-MJ5 True Red, .08 oz/2.2 gm $10.00 Add
MagiColor Pencils
MagicColor Creme Liner Pencils .04oz/1.13gm

Our pencil texture is creamy without being too soft. Resplendent color selection for clowning, face painting, animal and fantasy. These guys are about 4-3/4 inches long.

CAT # Description Price Add
BN-MC1 Black $6.00 Add
BN-MC2 Fire Red $6.00 Add
BN-MC3 Ruby Red $6.00 Add
BN-MC4 White $6.00 Add
BN-MC5 Blue $6.00 Add
BN-MC6 Green Currently Unavailable N/A
BN-MC7 Yellow $6.00 Add
BN-MC8 Violet $6.00 Add
BN-MC9 Magenta Currently Unavailable N/A
BN-MC11 Bright Orange $6.00 Add
BN-MC12 Hot Pink Currently Unavailable N/A
BN-MC14 Warm Brown $6.00 Add
BN-MC15 Character Shadow $6.00 Add
BN-MC18 Misty Violet $6.00 Add
BN-MC19 Cosmic Blue $6.00 Add
BN-MC20 Turquoise $6.00 Add
BN-MC21 Marigold $6.00 Add
BN-MC22 Lime Green $6.00 Add
BN-MC23 Kelly Green $6.00 Add

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