Rubber Mask Grease Paint
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Grease Paint

K02584W & K02586PRO

Rubber Mask Grease Palettes
This is special grease paint made for use on rubber items. RMGP should be applied with a sponge that has been dipped in full-strength alcohol, e.g. Kryolan Spirit Gum Remover. When you stipple for an opaque effect, you should only use a little alcohol.

CAT # Description Price Add
K02584 12 Color Palette: W, FTV, B, 1.4 oz $59.20 Add
K02583 16 Color Mini Palette: #1 (flesh) or #2 (bright), 2.8 oz Currently Unavailable N/A
K02586 24 Color Palette: PRO, 2.8 oz $116.50 Add
Mehron brand Rubber Mask Grease Paint
(called Mask Cover by Mehron)

Rubber Mask Grease Paint: The "Original" Mask Cover Makeup
Mehron Mask Cover is the premier choice of professional special effects artists for its incredible effectiveness in covering latex and rubber prosthetics, bald caps, etc. Provides complete coverage and easy blending necessary for realistic results. 1oz/ 28gm

CAT # Colors Description Price Add
ME-102LM-OS2 Light Olive Currently Unavailable N/A
ME-102LM-OS4 Med-Light Olive $10.00 Add
ME-102LM-OS6 Medium Olive $10.00 Add
ME-102LM-OS8 Mid-Dark Olive $10.00 Add
ME-102LM-OS10 Dark Olive Currently Unavailable N/A
ME-102LM-OP see above Olive Series 5-Color LM Palette Check availabilityN/A
ME-102LM-TV4 Soft Beige $10.00 Add
ME-102LM-TV6 Light Tan $10.00 Add
ME-102LM-TV10 Bronzed Tan $10.00 Add
ME-102LM-16B Oriental $10.00 Add
ME-102LM-10C Ebony $10.00 Add
ME-102LM-B Black $10.00 Add
ME-102LM-R Red $10.00 Add
ME-102LM-BL Blue $10.00 Add
ME-102LM-18B Monster Gray $10.00 Add
ME-102LM-25A Nat. Beige Blush Currently Unavailable N/A
ME-102LM-28A Lt. Cinnamon $10.00 Add
ME-102LM-30A Ruddy Bronze $10.00 Add
ME-102LM-10B American Indian $10.00 Add
ME-102LM-W White $10.00 Add
ME-102LM-G Green $10.00 Add
ME-102LM-Y Yellow $10.00 Add
ME-102LMP see above Mask Cover Palette/15 colors Currently Unavailable N/A

IMPORTANT NOTE: Rubber Mask Grease Paint requires powdering to "set" the makeup and remove the shine. Excess powder can be removed with a powder brush, a damp cloth or a damp sponge.

Face Powder

Used to set the rubber mask grease paint so that it will not smudge. Ben Nye Brand Neutral Set is translucent.

CAT # Description Price Add
BN-TP5 1.75 oz/49 gm Shaker Bottle $7.00 Add
BN-TP6 3 oz/85 gm Shaker Bottle $9.00 Add
BN-TP61 8 oz/226 gm Jar $15.00 Add

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