PDF Price lists

Now you can download a price list for any line we carry and print it on your own printer.


A directory of all our price lists and their status. Very handy if you plan to download all or most of the lists.


Binder Inserts

If you plan to download all or most of the price lists you may want to put them in a binder. These are the face and spine inserts for a view binder. (A view binder is the three-ring binder that has the clear vinyl sleeves on the front and spine so you can insert graphics.) If you do this, get a binder that will hold at least 200 pages.

Binder Inserts

Individual Price Lists in PDF format

Airbrush Makeup -04/20/2017
Airbrush Equipment Bundles -12/31/1969
Airbrushes & Equipment -12/31/1969
Ben Nye Makeup -12/31/1969
Ben Nye Refills -04/20/2017
Blood and Scars -04/20/2017
Body paint -04/20/2017
Books -04/20/2017
Breakaway Bottle Supplies -04/20/2017
Eyeballs -04/20/2017
Foam Latex & Kryolan Cold Foam -04/20/2017
Hair Punching Tools -04/20/2017
Hemispheres -04/20/2017
Instructional DVDs and Videos -04/20/2017
Kryolan Makeup -04/20/2017
Latex Rubber -04/20/2017
Life-Casting Supplies -04/20/2017
Magic -04/20/2017
Makeup - General -04/20/2017
Makeup Kits for Theater -04/20/2017
Mehron -04/20/2017
Molding and Casting -04/20/2017
Order Form -04/20/2017
Pigment - Dry Cosmetic -04/20/2017
Pigment - Resin -04/20/2017
Plaster, Stone and Gypsum -04/20/2017
Polyurethane Foam & Resin -04/20/2017
Rubber Mask Grease Paint -04/20/2017
Sculpting Clay -04/20/2017
Sculpting Tools -04/20/2017
Silicone Kits and Materials -04/20/2017
Skin Adhesives -04/20/2017
Skulls & Skeletons -04/20/2017
Slime, Ooze and Goo -04/20/2017
Starter Kits -04/20/2017
Steve's Products -04/20/2017
Teeth and Fangs -04/20/2017
UV Fluorescent Paint -04/20/2017
Vacuum Former Plans -04/20/2017
Wig Making Supplies -12/31/1969

How our Price Lists Work

We have decided to publish a price list for each product line that we carry in PDF format. This enables you to get prices for the items you are interested in right now in smaller more manageable files. Some price lists encompass more than one product line. Please let us know if you spot a contradiction in prices.

We now have over 34 product lines, with some price lists that are many pages long. If you want to down load all of them be prepared for a document over 200 pages long. We recommend you get a view binder with a capacity of 250 pages or more. We have provided a spine and face insert so that you can properly label your binder.

The Price Lists are organized in alphabetical order. For organizational purposes be sure to download a current copy of the Index, which has been placed at the top of the list. The Date column is the date that the prices became effective. A revision is only given if the prices have been changed since a previous publication of that particular list. If you see a revision number make sure you have the current price list.

From time to time make graphical changes to a list. If these changes don't affect prices no revision number will be issued.

We did not issue price lists for discontinued items nor products we are phasing out. Information on these lines can be found in our regular web pages.

Thanks so much for your continued support and loyalty.

Steve Biggs