Skulls & Skeletons



Life size plastic skull with movable jaw. Very good quality. Made in China.

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PROP-SKULL1 Plastic Skull, 2 pc. solid skull $27.00

Skull, not painted

Life-size plastic skull with movable jaw and cut cavernum. Top of skull comes off like a cookie jar. Made in China

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PROP-SKULL4 Plastic Skull, 3 pc. cut crown $32.00

Prop Skeleton

Prop Skeleton

[like the one shown below except that it may contain flaws as described, skeleton is also "unfinished" which means that the mold flash has not been trimmed off]

Plastic Skeleton, Factory 2nd

Why pay $450 for a plastic skeleton that you are going to paint anyway? This economical, life-size skeleton didn't make it into a school or college because of discoloration or defects. Mounting hardware is often broken or missing, but in most cases this will be removed by the property master anyway. Excellent for haunted houses, video and film. Made in China.

Stands 5' - 6" tall. Lower jaw moves. Fully articulated.

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PROP-SKEL2 Plastic Skeleton, factory 2nd $189.00


Skeleton Parts, Factory 2nds

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PROP-TORSO Head, rib cage, pelvis, spine N/A
PROP-ARM-L Left arm and hand assembly $24.95
PROP-ARM-R Right arm and hand assembly $24.95
PROP-LEG-L Left Leg and foot assembly $29.95
PROP-LEG-R Right Leg and foot assembly $29.95
PROP-FEM Femur (upper leg bone) N/A