Sculpting Tools

Aluminum Calipers

Aluminum Calipers

These lightweight, easy to handle calipers transfer measurements from the model to the clay for both inside and outside dimensions. They are made from a tough aluminum alloy and are assembled with rust-free hardware that is easily adjusted by hand.

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KEM-AL8 8 inch aluminum caliper $7.39
KEM-AL12 12 inch aluminum caliper $9.99

Rubber Kidneys

Rubber Kidneys

These are used for smoothing, shaping and finishing pottery pieces. Molded from pliable rubber, we offer them in two kidney shapes and different grades of resiliency.

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KEM-FRSO Soft Rubber Kidney, Large 4 1/4 inch $3.99
KEM-FRH Hard Rubber Kidney, Large 4 1/4 inch $3.99
KEM-FRSM Hard Finish Rubber Kidney, Small 3 1/8 inch $2.99

Kemper Sculpting Tools

JA17 and JA37

Kemper Sculpting Tool 6" Kemper Sculpting Tool 6"

Description for JA17 and JA37: These are imported Wood Modeling Tools Used for: cutting, slicing, smoothing, contouring and pattern decorating in soft clay. These smooth, handcrafted modeling tools are made from the finest quality boxwood.

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KEM-JA17 Kemper Sculpting Tool 6 $1.69
KEM-JA37 Kemper Sculpting Tool 6 $1.69


Kemper Special Ribbon Tool

Description for KSP1: Our Special Ribbon Series is designed for medium duty pottery and sculpture work. These 7" long tools have sharpened stainless steel beveled ribbon ends attached to hardwood handles.

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KEM-KSP1 Kemper Special Ribbon Tool $5.00

LT1, LT3, LT5, LT6, LT8

1/2" Loop Tool 1" Loop Tool 1 3/4" Loop Tool 1 1/4" Loop Tool 1 3/4" Loop Tool

Description for LT1, LT3, LT5, LT6, LT8: These Loop Tools are used to remove controlled amounts of clay from wheel-thrown and sculpture pieces. The shaped cutting heads are made from heavy stainless steel ribbon with sharpened edges. Each tool, with its rugged hardwood handle, ensures a sure grip and easy manipulation in wet clay. The widest portion of each head is indicated.

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KEM-LT1 1/2 inch Straight Loop Tool $4.50
KEM-LT3 1 inch Round Loop Tool $4.50
KEM-LT5 1 3/4 inch Combo Loop Tool $4.50
KEM-LT6 1 1/4 inch Angle Loop Tool $4.50
KEM-LT8 1 1/4 inch Straight Loop Tool $4.50

R2 Loop Tool

Loop Tool

Description for R2: This tool is used for light cutting, slicing and shaping. These 6", double-ended, ribbon tools come in a wide variety of shapes. The ends are formed from high carbon, heat-treated steel and are firmly attached to hardwood handles.

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KEM-R2 Loop Tool $3.50

Kemper Potter's Ribs

Kemper Potters Ribs

These ribs are made from smooth-finished hardwood. They employ the basic shapes required for opening, shaping, curving, smoothing and trimming wet clay on the potter's wheel.

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KEM-RB2 4 1/4 inch wood potter's rib $5.00

Ribbon Tools

Ribbon Tools

These tools combine the sharpened stainless steel ribbon cutting with the hardwood modeling as well. The cutting end is firmly attached with heavy duty brass ferrule.

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KEM-RE2 8 1/4 inch wood and ribbon tool $10.00
KEM-RE3 9 3/4 inch wood and ribbon tool $10.00
KEM-RE4 8 1/4 inch wood and ribbon tool $10.49


4" Rectangular 4 5/8" 3 7/8"

These are used for shaping, smoothing and trimming pottery shapes. These stainless steel scrapers are made from a thin, flexible, spring steel.

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KEM-S6 4 inch rectangular scraper $1.99
KEM-S10 3 7/5 inch Flexible Steel Scraper with serrated edge $3.00
KEM-S1 4 5/8 inch tear-drop Steel Scraper $2.50
KEM-S4 3 7/8 inch Muffin Top steel scraper $2.00

Combo Tools

Combo Tool Combo Tool Combo Tool

Wire and Wood together provide the sculptor with clay removal and shaping at their fingertips. This wonderful combination of wire and wood are made with plated high strength music wire, brass ferrules and imported hardwood.

Description for W1D, W3E: These are 6" Wire & Wood Tools. You will find the .035" diameter music wire great for shaping and/or removing delicate clay.

Description for W23: This is a 5" Wire & Wood Tool. Designed for delicate clay removal and shaping, these wire tips are some of our smallest wires at .020" diameter.

Description for W38D: This is an 8" Wire & Wood Tool. It is used for medium duty clay removal, modeling, and shaping. The wire ends are .055" diameter, and formed from high-strength stainless steel. The tips are firmly attached to 8" long hardwood handles with brass ferrules.

Add Model # Description Price
KEM-W1D Angle and Large Spoon Combo Tool $6.00
KEM-W3E Double Angle Combo Tool $6.00
KEM-W23 Small Straight and Small Spoon Combo Tool $5.00
KEM-WE8D Double Large Angle Combo Tool $8.00

Kemper 12 Piece Sculpting Tool Set

6" Wood Modeling Tool Set

The JAS Series Sculpting Set is designed with the student in mind, as well as the experienced sculptor! This set offers a wide variety of shapes for: cutting, slicing, smoothing, contouring and pattern decorating in soft clay. This set contains twelve (JA4, 5, 6, 8, 15, 17, 18, 22, 24, 28, 32, 37) 6" imported wood modeling tools.

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KEM-JAS 12 pc. 6 inch Wood Modeling Tool Set $16.99

Kemper Sculpting Tools for Miniatures


Double Ball Stylus-Small

Description for BSL-X, BSS-X, DBS-X, DBSL-X, DBSS-X: These styluses are used for many applications. Decorators and crafters are finding new applications for these wonderful little tools all the time. Dots, signatures, and details are all part of the fun! Each stylus is made of hardened steel and firmly set in a hardwood handle. The diameters of each ball are noted in the picture.

Add Model # Description Price
KEM-BSL-X Ball Stylus-Embossing Tool $2.99
KEM-BSS-X Ball Stylus Small $2.99
KEM-DBS-X Double Ball Stylus $2.99
KEM-DBSL-X Double Ball Stylus-Large $2.99
KEM-DBSS-X Double Ball Stylus-Small $2.99

Detail Carving Tools DCS, DCL

Small Detail Carving Tool

Description for DCS, DCL: These Detail Carving Tools help to easily carve small details. Easily carve hair, facial features, fingers and toes with these handy tools. With curved hardened steel blades formed and precision ground to a razor sharp point, you'll wonder how you ever got along without them. The DCS tip is a .030" wide point and 5" in total length while the DCL point is .057" wide and 5" in total length.

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KEM-DCL Large Detail Carving Tool $4.50
KEM-DCS Small Detail Carving Tool $4.50

Primary Sculpting Tool JPS

J. Primary Sculpting Tool

Description for JPS: This Primary Sculpting Tool is used to perform all the main sculpting, smoothing and shaping functions. The specially designed foot is perfect for forming fingernails and ears.

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KEM-JPS-X J. Primary Sculpting Tool $9.49

Recess Smoother K20

Recess Smother

Description for K20: This Recess Smoother is designed for smoothing recessed flat spaces on clay. It is also excellent for cutting clay and accentuating raised designs.

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KEM-K20-X Recess Smother $2.09

Finger Tool K26

Finger Tool

Description for K26: This Finger Tool is designed for cleaning and shaping the delicate fingers and toes of porcelain greenware figurines. It is slightly longer than the detail carving tools but works wonderfully in small places. The blade is formed and precision ground to a razor sharp point.

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KEM-K26-X Finger Tool $2.99

Mini Finger Tool Set MFTS

Mini finger Tool set

Description for MFTS: This Mini Finger Tool Set has even finer tips than our regular finger tools. The 7/8" long tips are used for extremely delicate work on dolls, miniatures and tight spaces. They are comfortable to use; the easy to grip rubber handle gives the sculptor much more control while working in intricate areas that the larger finger tool cannot manage.

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KEM-MFTS Mini finger Tool set $7.00

Mini Ribbon Sculpting Tools MR1-MR6

Mini Ribbon, Lg. Circle

Description for MR1-MR6: The Mini Ribbon Sculpting Tools are just the answer for your fine sculpting, detailing and trimming requirements! These miniature sculpting tools are made of fine ribbon steel that has been heat treated for maximum strength. Firmly set in 1/4" diameter by 5" aluminum handle, these tools are ideal for working with clay, greenware, wax, plaster, modeling mediums, and even bread dough.

Add Model # Description Price
KEM-MR1-X Mini Ribbon, Lg. Square $3.00
KEM-MR2-X Mini Ribbon, Sm. Square $3.00
KEM-MR3-X Mini Ribbon, Lg. Circle $3.00
KEM-MR4-X Mini Ribbon, Sm. Circle $3.00
KEM-MR5-X Mini Ribbon, Lg. Triangle $3.00
KEM-MR6-X Mini Ribbon, Sm. Triangle $3.00

Wire Loop Sgraffito WLS

Wire Loop Sgraffito

Description for WLS: The Wire Loop Sgraffito has wire loops on each end of this tool to provide variations of line width that can be made within a single stroke. The furrow created by the loops is smooth, without leaving the flakiness usually associated with other sgraffito methods.

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KEM-WLS-X Wire Loop S graffito $4.00