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Creme Foundations offer superb quality, intense pigmentation, and distinctive color selection. Smooth consistency provides bold or subtle effects, and effortless blending with Creme Rouges, Highlights, and Shadows.

Creme Foundations

Proscenium (P) Series Classic colors ideal for all film, video, or stage characters when specialty shades are required. Vivid pigmentation resists the intensity of lighting and broad staging.

Best Results Apply with latex sponge, fingertips, or brush in sections with a gentle patting motion. Set with powder. Lightly stipple moistened sponge over set makeup to enhance luster.

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Lite Series

Lite Series

Lite (L) Series

Soft, natural shades impart a warm tan-peach tone from very fair to subtle tan-rose. Suitable for actors with fair to olive skin tones.

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Tan Series

Tan (T) Series

Subtle golden-tan shades suited for blond or brunette Anglo performers.

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Medium Series

Medium (M) Series

Healthy, natural shades suitable for Anglo males. Best when applied thinly like a stain. FYI: (M) and (Y) Series appear darker in the container than when applied.

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Olive Series

Olive (Y) Series

Natural shades for actors with olive skin tones. Also useful for olive-toned ethnic characters, such as the Sharks in "Westside Story".

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Twenty Series

Twenty (TW) Series

Light olive to deep warm-browns. This series compliments brunettes, olive complexions and African-American performers.

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Maple Series

Maple (MA) Series

Golden light-brown to rich brown tones provide an attractivness, contemporary palette of shades for performers of color.

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Contemporary Theater Series

Net Wt. .5oz/14gm.

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