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New Products Showcased

Body Paint All

Procolor Airbrush Foundation Paints

Procolor Airbrush Foundation Paints

ProColor Foundations provide lasting HD coverage in a light, aqua formula. Create natural day, bridal or long lasting evening looks. Sixteen shades for all complexions are microblended for delicate, durable coverage. 29 ml./1 fl. oz.

Foundations Color Chart


Tattoo Concealers Body Paint

Conceal blemishes, under-eye shadows, age spots and redness. Tattoo Cover neutralizes dark body art, while Warm Concealer is great for under-eye discoloration. 29 ml./1 fl. oz.

Concealer Color Chart


Blush Contours Body Paint

Come to a beautiful finish with ProColor’s natural appearing Blush, Highlights and Contours. Shades blend easily for enhanced subtlety. 29 ml./1 fl. oz.

Blush Color Chart

Procolor Airbrush Shimmer Paints

Shimmer Body Paint

Six radiant shades add elegant, sparkling highlights to face and body. Apply with airbrush for a delicate finish. Clean airbrush immediately after use. 29 ml./1 fl. oz.

Shimmer Color Chart

Procolor Airbrush Death Paints

Death Body Paint

Nine iconic Death shades are standards for innovative characters. 29 ml./1 fl. oz. and 59 ml./2 fl. oz.

Death Color Chart

Procolor Airbrush F/X Paints

FX Body Paint

Fourteen F/X Colors lend vibrant realism to cuts, bruises, burns and general mayhem. 29 ml./1 fl. oz.

FX Color Chart

F/X Series 1oz.

Quick Dirt & Quick Grease

29 ml./1 fl. oz. & 59 ml./2 fl. oz

Tattoo Colors 1oz.


 Body Paint Kits

Classic & Shimmer Intro Kit

Classic Shimmer BP Kit

Five Classic primary shades, plus five Shimmers

Ten 7 ml./0.25 fl. oz. bottles: White, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, plus Ultra Ice, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper Shimmers.

Monster & FX Intro Kit

Monster FX Intro Kit

Four Death shades, plus six Ultimate FX colors

Ten 7 ml./0.25 fl. oz. bottles: Death Flesh, Pale Vampire, Frankenstein, Death Blue-Grey, plus FX Dried Blood, Blood Red, Dark Burgundy, Indigo Blue, Vein and Vintage Black.

Foundation Intro Kit

 Foundations Intro Kit

Cool and warm foundations ranging from very light to medium brown.

Ten 7 ml./0.25 fl. oz. bottles: Porcelain, Ultra Beige, Ciné Fairest, Cameo, Warm Sand, Olive Tan, Shinsei Fairest, Brulée, Sahara Au Lait and Espresso

Contour & Conceal Intro Kit

Contour Conceal BP Kit

Three Blush, 2 Highlights, 2 Contours, plus 3 Concealers

Ten 7 ml./0.25 fl. oz. bottles: Blushing Bride, Jazzberry and Shy Rose Blush, Ivory and Almond Highlights, Neutral and Natural Contours, Blue Concealer 1, Red Concealer 1 and Tattoo Cover 2

Starter Packs

FX Body Paint Kit

Six 29 ml./1 fl. oz. bottles

ProColor Mixers & Sealers



Studio Color, 12 Well Empty Palette



MatteHD Foundations’ fully adjustable formula is light in texture, yet provides full coverage for flawless complexions. Fair light to medium brown shades.

26gm./0.91oz. Expect 50-150 applications.

Olive-Brown MatteHD Foundation


Cover most light olive to dark brown complexions with this useful collection of foundations. Natural, light texture.

26gm./0.91oz. Expect 50-150 applications

Blush & Contour


Six creme blush, 3 highlights and 3 shadows to brighten, contour and add a youthful glow in our ultra-silky MediaPRO formula.

18gm./0.63oz. Expect 50-150 applications.

Concealers & Adjusters


Full-coverage concealers, adjusters and correctors create a flawless finish. Blends perfectly with MatteHD Foundations.

26gm./0.91oz. Expect 50-150 applications.

Lumière Creme


Intense pigmentation and brilliant luminescence is unbeatable for avant garde, fantasy and dramatic theatre. Layer with Lumière Grande Colours for bold iridescence.

21gm./0.74oz. Expect 100-300 applications.

All-For-One Lip Colors


Artists often use more than one color to finish lips and our palette offers unlimited options. Twelve blendable shades include nudes, pinks and reds.

18gm./0.63oz. Expect 100-300 applications.

Essential FX


Standards in the industry, such as Dark Burgundy, Fresh Cut and Sallow Green, offer up quick solutions for bruises, abrasions and wounds.

26gm./0.91oz. Expect 100-300 applications

Undead FX


Creatures, monsters and a hoarde of undead can be designed with our Undead Palette. Six death foundations plus six Ultimate FX shades.

26gm./0.91oz. Expect 100-300 applications.




Highlight, contour and set makeup with our versatile powder palette.

24gm./0.84oz. Expect 50-150 applications.



Subtle neutrals, cool and warm blush tones for bridal, print, day or evening.

24gm./0.84oz. Expect 50-150 applications.

Vivid Blush


Complements most skin tones with richly hued warm and cool blush shades.

24gm./0.84oz. Expect 50-150 applications.

Essential Eye Shadow


The "all you need" Eye Shadow Palette filled with neutral highlights and contours.

24gm./0.84oz. Expect 50-150 applications.

Cool Glam Shadow


When the job calls for sultry, smokey eyes, this glamourous Palette is the answer.

24gm./0.84oz. Expect 50-150 applications.

Classy Chic Eye & Cheek


Ooh la la! Five Eye Shadows, five Blush, plus Lumière Ice and Rose Gold in one Palette.

24gm./0.84oz. Expect 50-150 applications.

Modern Neutrals Pearl Sheen


Neutrals are forever! Shimmering Pearl Sheens add glimmer and sparkle to eyes.

24gm./0.84oz. Expect 50-150 applications.

Modern Brights Pearl Sheen


Lustrous, sexy gem tones take eyes from zero to Wow! in 60 seconds.

24gm./0.84oz. Expect 50-150 applications.

Lumière Grande Colour


Iridescent jewel shades are radiant as a dry shadow and even more dazzling when applied

24gm./0.84oz. Expect 50-150 applications.

Alcohol-Activated FX Palettes

All Palettes

Our FX Alcohol Colors are waterproof, extremely durable, non-toxic and produce ultra-realistic effects. Create bruises, body art, tooth "decay", and unlimited designs with primary shades. Activate with 99% alcohol for lasting, quick-dry color. Remove with alcohol.

Primary Palette

AAP Primary

Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, White

Bruise Palette

AAP Bruise

Dark Burgundy, Golden Yellow, Violet, Olive Green, Midnight Blue

Tooth Palette

AAP Tooth

Black, Nicotine, Fresh Blood, Green Rot, Decay

Body Art Palette

AAP Body Art

Vintage Black, Rose Red, Green, Bright Yellow, Vintage Green

Undead Palette

AAP Undead

Rice Paper, Vein Tone, Lividity, Dark Grey, Vile Bile


CORRECTOR Colors & Wheels

CTRW Wheels

Correctors and Neutralizers quickly camouflage the deepest discolorations, such as tattoos, dark spots and sallow tones. The MediaPRO formula is HD ready and fully-pigmented for precise color correction.



Concealer Crayons

Concealer Crayons

Nimbly covers and conceals a multitude of imperfections, including redness, blue, body art and dark spots. Excellent for highlighting and correcting facial features. High pigmentation in a durable, silky texture.

Concealer Crayons Color Chart

Highlighter Pencil

Highlighter Pencil

A multi-tasking wonder! Apply along water-line to eliminate redness and brighten eyes, highlight the lip line or to sharpen brow shape.

Concealer & Adjuster Palette


Eighteen optimal colors conceal, neutralize and correct. Color-rich coverage hides discoloration with a durable, lightweight texture. Long wearing, heat and perspiration resistant for all complexions. The Palette contains 50% more makeup than other brands with a built-in mixing palette.


BV11 MHV21




Shimmer Compacts

Shimmer Compacts

Shimmer Compacts are blissfully radiant for delicate highlights for face and body. All are silky-soft with just a hint of color.

Expect 100-200 applications. 15gm./0.53oz.

Shimmer Powders

Shimmer Powders

Luminous translucent powders feel smooth as silk. A light layer adds ravishing iridescence to face and body. For a dewy glow, dust over a light layer of moisturizer.

Expect 100-250 applications.15gm./0.53oz.


Shimmer Crayons

Intensely pigmented and packed with luster, Shimmer Crayons glide on smoothly and stay put for hours. Colors are water and smudge-proof in minutes. Buff lightly to intensify brilliance. Safe for eyes.

Expect 25-75 applications. 2.8gm./0.10oz.

Lip Pencils

Lip Colour Pencils


7" Length- .065oz. /1.83gm.




.034 fl. oz./1ml.

Black Lustre Luxe Powder


Shimmery and lustrous, Black Lustre Luxe Powder adds a dramatic finish to fantasy, body paint and avant garde beauty. Ravishing complement to MagiCake and ProColor Airbrush Paints!

Expect 50-150 applications.

Bond Off!


MagiCake CFX Colors

Creature Palette

Creature Palette

Creature Palette is filled with Death Color Cakes including Cadaver Grey, Frankenstein, Pale Vampire, Blue Spirit and zombie favorite, Light Ivory, plus 5 FX shades, Licorice Black and Cloud White.

48gm./1.69oz. Expect 25-100 applications per color.

FX Palette

FX Palette

Valuable for all injury effects, FX Palette offers realistic bruise and abrasion shades such as new Deep Bruise, Dark Burgundy, Burnt Coral, Black & Blue and Fresh Cut.

48gm./1.69oz. Expect 25-100 applications per color.

Fantasy Palette

Fantasy Palette

For whimsical designs, our Fantasy Palette inspires with vivid brights, pastels and Lumière Grande Colours in Silver and Aztec Gold. All hydrate quickly for rich, durable painting. Lumière shades also apply brilliantly dry.

48gm./1.69oz. Expect 25-100 applications per color.

Professional Brushes

Dome Eye Shadow

DB16 Brush

Angle Shadow

AB12 Brush

Fine Detail

FDB65 Brush

FDB75 Brush

Buffers & Blenders

PBS1 Brush

Buffs crèmes to a delicate, polished finish. Densely packed for flexible application.

PBS2 Brush

Full, round head provides smooth, controlled blending in small areas.

PBS3 Brush

Full, dome shape for flawless application of foundation, Shimmer Powders and blush.

PBS4 Brush

Duo-fiber provides light application of highlights and powder. Sweep away excess powder or "fall out" with feather-light bristles.

PBS5 Brush

Feathered tips quickly blends crème makeup and concealer.

PBS7 Brush

Round, flat-top shape is made of goat hair for body and a longer layer of wispy synthetic fibers for sheer blending of crèmes or powders.

Buffers & Blenders

RB152 Brush

RB153 Brush

RB154 Brush

RB155 Brush

Stipple & Texture Brushes

Compact Blender

STB01 Brush

Soft, densely packed fibers smooth and blend with precision. Great for clay sculpting!

Soft Blender

STB03 Brush

Compact, soft round shape gently applies and moves powders. Ideal for eye shadow!

Fine Liner

STB05 Brush

Firm body and supple tip for excellent control to detail capillaries, veins and fine lines.

Full Splatter

STB07 Brush

Load with blood or liquid colors and flick bristles to create random specks and splatter.

Mini Splatter

STB08 Brush

Condensed version of Full Splatter fits neatly into Alcohol-Activated Palette chambers and other small containers.

Dome Texture

STB11 Brush

Dome shape is feathered and etched to add fine texture in small areas.

Medium Stipple

STB13 Brush

Stipple to create fine speckles, mottling and skin texture. Exceptional for layering.

Large Texture

STB15 Brush

Randomly patterned bristles create realistic texture for large areas.