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Important Note from Special Effect Supply regarding tattoo covers: These products are for theatrical use. We can not give consumer support for these products. If you are not a makeup artist please do a web search for such products as Derma Color or Derma Blend that are designed for daily use by the consumer. If you need the help of a professional makeup artist please go to our "Artist Pool."

Ben Nye, Sr. pioneered the design of special neutralizers, such as Mellow Yellow, to conceal facial flaws for Hollywood close-ups. Our expanded range of unique shades are creamy, yet intensely pigmented to blend away tattoos, discolorations, and blemishes. As noted below, Tattoo Cover and Ultraconceal contain maximum pigment coverage (MC).

Quick tips for Covering Tattoos from Film Makeup Artist Nadege Schoenfeld. Conceal with Blue Neutralizer first, then powder. Cover up redness with an ochre tone, such as Mellow Yellow. Powder again, then apply base.

"I prefer creme cover-ups (over airbrush), like your Tattoo Cover, because the final result is prettier and more natural. The blending properties of Ben Nye creme neutralizers are far superior for concealing tattoos and blemishes."




For BXE-6 and BXE-12 Metal Palette Boxes

Available in all 12 Concealer shades.

Add Model # Description Price
BN-RMY1 Mellow Yellow Fair Refill N/A
BN-RMY1 - Mellow Yellow Fair Refill (N/A each)

BN-RMY2 Mellow Yellow Normal Refill N/A
BN-RMY2 - Mellow Yellow Normal Refill (N/A each)

BN-RCC2 Corvette Fair Refill N/A
BN-RCC2 - Corvette Fair Refill (N/A each)

BN-RCC3 Corvette Medium Refill N/A
BN-RCC3 - Corvette Medium Refill (N/A each)

BN-RMO2 Mellow Orange Refill N/A
BN-RMO2 - Mellow Orange Refill (N/A each)

BN-RFS1 StudioBeard Cover Refill N/A
BN-RFS1 - StudioBeard Cover Refill (N/A each)

BN-RHY1 Special Yellow Highlight Refill N/A
BN-RHY1 - Special Yellow Highlight Refill (N/A each)

BN-RGC1 Special Green Refill N/A
BN-RGC1 - Special Green Refill (N/A each)

BN-RNR2 Red Neutralizer Refill N/A
BN-RNR2 - Red Neutralizer Refill (N/A each)

BN-RNT1 Tattoo Cover #1 Refill N/A
BN-RNT1 - Tattoo Cover #1 Refill (N/A each)

BN-RNT2 Tattoo Cover #2 Refill N/A
BN-RNT2 - Tattoo Cover #2 Refill (N/A each)

BN-RNB1 Blue Neutralizer #1 Refill N/A
BN-RNB1 - Blue Neutralizer #1 Refill (N/A each)