Ben Nye Lip Gloss Refills

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Flirty, alluring, natural. Versatile tints add high shine and a wash of color to bare lips or over lip color. Glazes contain a hint of shimmer. Lightly scented.

Lip Gloss Refills

Lip Gloss Refills

RLG .006oz./1.7gm.

Add Model # Description Price
BN-RLG01 Natural N/A
BN-RLG01 - Natural (N/A each)

BN-RLG10 Nude N/A
BN-RLG10 - Nude (N/A each)

BN-RLG15 Bubblegum N/A
BN-RLG15 - Bubblegum (N/A each)

BN-RLG18 Cherry Baby N/A
BN-RLG18 - Cherry Baby (N/A each)

BN-RLG21 Apricot Glaze N/A
BN-RLG21 - Apricot Glaze (N/A each)

BN-RLG24 Gold Glaze N/A
BN-RLG24 - Gold Glaze (N/A each)