Body Paint

Body Paint and the FDA

Every now and then a company will claim to have FDA approved makeup. Sometimes this is an outright lie, but more often it is ignorance. People repeat what they hear without investigating any facts.

Please allow me to share my bread analogy...

Let's say I'm a baker and I sell you a loaf of bread. If I tell you the bread is FDA approved, I'm lying to you because I didn't send that loaf to the FDA and have it tested. However, if I tell you the bread was made with FDA approved ingredients, then that is a different story. Everything I used to make the bread; the flour, the eggs, the yeast, the sugar, etc. were FDA approved ingredients because the component was produced, inspected and sold under FDA guidelines. The flour for example would contain very few contaminants or none at all. Acceptable under FDA rules.

Pigments are a different story. The FDA regulates color under more stringent guidelines because there is a greater danger of contamination, especially for things like toxins and heavy metals. This is inherent in the way many pigments are made. A company that manufactures makeup must only use certified pigments that have been tested to be pure enough to at least meet the minimum FDA guidelines.

Right now there is an abundance of makeup suppliers who offer some exciting products. Some of these products are unique because they do things that others cannot. Please be careful because that special quality may exist because the makers are cheating with the rules. I once knew a woman who would put the syrup from craft paint into her airbrush paint because she thought it would make it stick better to the skin. She told a lot of lies. Fortunately people who had exposure to her personality would quickly see that she was not legit. If you get a creepy feeling from anyone you are buying from, you should back away and find another supplier. A big red flag is an operation that refuses to put the ingredient list on their bottles.