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You are here because you need information and products for the body painting process. Because of the wide range of projects and many options, this can be an intimidating process. We've tried our best to organize the information in a way that get you to the best results with the least amount of confusion. These pages are based on our decades of experience and feedback from our customers. Please read all the link descriptions on this page then pick the several that most accurately reflect the questions that you have.

How This Page Works

Choosing the right body paint for your project can be intimidating. There are many important issues to consider from cost to chemistry. Your skill level may be anywhere from beginner to professional. The following links are a good starting point. Please click on the link that best describes your concerns.

Where do I begin? I've never done this before in my life.

What can you tell me about a specific project? Are you face painting or will you be airbrushing a model? Will you be painting a thousand students for a school game? Are you the body painter for a promotion?

What are the basic five considerations of body paint? What do I need to know before starting a body paint project? This includes chemistry, color selection, cost, removability, and the project.

What do I need to know about colors? Fantasy, Flesh tones and metallic colors. Mixing colors and the truth about cosmetic pigments.

Which is better water based or alcohol based? Cost vs removability

Products, Sizes and Colors

Start with these links to put together your order.

We are proud to offer Special Effect Supply Brand body paint. We've been making it for over twenty years. Our robust water-based paint was designed for haunted houses.

Special Effect Supply Brand Body Paint