Body Paint

Introduction to Body Paint

Body Paint

We get many inquiries regarding body paint and body makeup. Please see our web site or call for more guidance. These are the basics:

The paint you get at the art store is for paper, not skin. Body Paint is a water-based makeup that is already in liquid form. The ingredients in body paint are all FDA approved, while the paint you get in the art store is not.

The preferred methods of application are: Airbrush, Sponge, and Brush (in that order). Artists who have many people to paint in a short period of time will often use a conventional paint gun (automotive style). You use your airbrush for large areas, a brush for more detailed areas, and a pencil for fine lines.

Any of the body paints on this page can be modified for an airbrush simply by adding any sealer or additive. Remember that by adding tap water you dilute the chemical protection and run the risk of growing germs, mold, or fungi.

It takes about 16 fluid ounces to paint an average person from head to toe, one fluid ounce for an arm and hand, and two fluid ounces for a head (face and head).

Our brand recommendations are:

SES Generic- provides the lowest cost for a larger variety of sizes. This paint is for large and small jobs where cost is a factor. It is great for haunted houses. We buy in bulk and repackage, as well as make some of our own, so the paint can be any brand.

Mehron- has a great variety of flesh tones at a lower cost. It is easy to wash off.

All of the products wash off with soap and water. A nice long hot bath is preferable. Some colors are more resistant than others. When in doubt, do a test.

BN- prefix is a Ben Nye Product, ME- prefix is a Mehron product, K0 at the beginning of a cat number is a Kryolan product, and BP- prefix is for our SES Generic paint.