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Children's Face Painting


School Games - The Individual Fan

School Games - Crowd Painting

Children's Face Painting

Most face painters use water based makeup from a cake or a palette. Some use an airbrush. The idea is to use products that are quick and easy toapply and can be washed off by bedtime. For product ideas please consider any or all of the following:

Mehron Paradise cakes and palettes.

Ben Nye cakes and palettes.

Liquid body paint.

Cosplay body and face painting

The first question I get from cosplayers is, "How many days can I wear this?"

The answer is "One".

Please don't think about not bathing for more than 24 hours. Your skin needs to breath and be clean and you need to retain your friends. While it is true you have spent a lot of time of money getting into your body paint, please consider the cost of having a foul odor for several days. If you insist on being a slob please take the required daily bath and wear a T-shirt that reads, "I normally stink, but today I took a bath without protest".

Body paint starts to wear off the instant you put it on simply because your skin will shed a million skin cells a day. If you need more resistance to wear, you should consider a body suit.

In terms of body paint strategy please consider these four important elements.

Large areas of the body are best covered with liquid body paint. It can be sprayed or put on with a sponge. You can also use cake makeup, but that is expensive.

Details are be applied with a brush or an airbrush. I recommend "dissimilar chemistry". In other words apply cream makeup over water based makeup for sharper lines.

Eye makeup should be used around the eyes.

Prosthetics should be glued with prosthetic adhesive to dry, clean skin, then painted afterwards.

Overworking an area will mess up the color. You should seal the makeup between coats.

Airbrush looks great if you want a softer feel to the lines, otherwise use a brush, sponge, or your fingertips.

If you are just walking around an air-conditioned event hall regular liquid body paint is just fine. If you will be dancing, fighting or standing out in the hot sun, you should consider alcohol based body paint.

School Games - The Individual Fan

This falls into two distinct categories. Individuals who want to paint themselves with school colors and student organizations who want to paint large groups of people.

Individuals usually buy craft paint at the art store. While this is convenient, it is the wrong paint for the job. Paint for paper or wood have nasty chemicals in them, usually the preservatives. The paint doesn't flex, so it peels off. Every once in a while a true idiot uses a non-water based paint with disastrous results. I'm thinking of the poor guy who used aircraft paint on his face and arms. He did more damage trying to wash it off. Eventually he learned to just let it flake off.

Now, having said all of that, we do have cake makeup and water based body paint. You might be able to find makeup at your local theatrical makeup store, or at an art store. Please avoid cream based makeup as it will stain the upholstery in your car. If all else fails, you can purchase everything you need from us.

School Games - Crowd Painting

Student organizations should use our generic body paint. It is the least expensive way to paint a lot of people. We have some organizations who paint hundreds of people. Our generic is available in various sizes, up to five-gallon containers.