Body Paint

Body paint removal

Regular water based body paint can be removed with soap and water. Although, time is more helpful than water. Soaking will dissolve the polymers much more efficiently than flowing water. I recommend a nice hot soapy bath, candles are optional.

Alcohol based body paint can only be removed with alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is fine. Don't forget that alcohol dries out the skin so you either need a skin lotion or an alcohol containing a skin conditioner.

Alcohol based body paint that has been painted over the top of another type of body paint can be removed with chemistry that matches the base coat. This means airbrush paint over cream makeup should be removed with an oil or an oil-dissolving type remover.

As always, please be careful around the eyes, especially with alcohol. You may want to use a remover with a mild solvent in it such as isopropyl myristate (see Ben Nye's Remove-it-all).