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About us

SES was started early in 1993. The intention was to provide hard-to-find information and materials to amateur and professional special effects people. Since that time We have expanded service to include Haunted House Operators, Artists, Film Makers, Educators, Cosplayers, and other creative individuals.

Special Effects is a very small company. I do mean really small. I make all high level decisions and scrub the toilets, this is a reflection of the wonderful range of talent which I have.

The studio is located in a bedroom community just North of Salt Lake, But SES is not located in a bedroom. We actually rent a real office/studio in a regular business district. We would like to think that North Salt Lake, Utah is the Mecca for all Special Effects Artists, but it is not. North Salt Lake is the Mecca for kids and mini-vans. SES does nothing for mini-vans.

Often we are asked if someone can come work for us for free in exchange for experience. We say no 99% of the time. (Please see my comments in the Careers Section). We do have an apprentice from time to time, but we always choose an apprentice because of special circumstances. If you want experience the best thing to do is to buy books, take classes and experiment on your own.

Company Information

  • Number of Employees: Five as of September 2002
  • Date Started: Spring 1993, Incorporated July 2001
  • Mission Statement: "To provide hard-to-find information and materials to Special Effects Artists and other Crafts persons throughout the world."


As a Mechanical Animator, I have worked on robotic characters seen in animated shows throughout the world including the E.T. Rides at Universal Studios in Orlando and Hollywood, Shows for the Lotte' World Amusement Park in South Korea and the animated figures at the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. During my six years in the Los Angeles Area, I went from machinist to Project Manager by working different jobs on a variety of shows and projects. My specialties are mechanical design and project management, although I've had practical experience in sculpting, plastics, mold making, fiberglass work, and finish work. I was able to enter special effects because of my background in graphics, advertising and manufacturing. I returned to Utah soon after the Los Angeles riots.


Igor holds an advanced degree in Grave Desecration from Salem State. He has worked some of the most prominent cemeteries in the U.S., Canada and England. He is widely acclaimed as a champion of equal rights for hunch-backs. His favorite movies include The Sound of Music, To Kill a Mocking Bird and Baywatch.

Igor's Letter Home.

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