Foreign Orders

This is the correct page if your goods will be sent to a destination outside of the United States. If not, please check out the Domestic Order page.

We love our Foreign Customers, but foreign orders are expensive for us to process. Some small orders that require many calculations and paper-work that can cost us many extra dollars to process which we must pass on to you.

$50 Minimum - If the order is placed by one email or one FAX, no changes to the order are made and no other correspondence is required. Under minimum fee is $20.00.

$100 Minimum - If the order is placed by one email, phone call or FAX. Only one email is required for a shipping estimate and no changes or adjustments are made to the order. Under minimum fee is $25.00.

$200 Minimum - If any changes are made to the order or if more than one shipping estimate is requested or if telephone calls or faxes are required to complete the order. Under minimum fee is $30.00.

Please know what you want and communicate it clearly.


On-Line Orders

(Want to know shipping costs?)

This is the best method, and is secure. First, visit the product information pages and organize your order. Then click [HERE] to start your order.


If this is the first time you have ordered from us, please copy the order form and fax it to us. This eliminates confusion, especially for your address.
After that you can order by email


You may place an order through our e-mail form. For your own safety, please use the secure e-mail if you will be sending credit card numbers.

Phone Order

Call 801-936-9762 Monday through Friday from about 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Mountain Time, USA.
Right now, at Special Effect Supply, the time is: 4:35 am

Mail Orders

Get our Generic Order Form or create your own. Mail it to:

Special Effect Supply Corp.
164 East Center Street
North Salt Lake UT 84054 USA

Foreign shipping charges are based on the actual cost of shipping and insurance, plus a small handling fee. In order to keep the cost to you as low as possible, we have discontinued the use of Shipping Tables. If you need an estimate please call or send email. For explaination of our shipping strategy and policy please go HERE.

Generally Your Choices for Shipping include:

Global EMS - Usually only costs a few dollars more than Air Parcel Post. Takes a few days.

Air Parcel Post (our default method) Takes about a week.

FEDEX - if we use your account number. Two or three days. Very, very expensive.

Surface Mail. Takes several months. No insurance available.

Important Note: FEDEX and UPS are extremely expensive, please be prepared to spend $80 or more for delivery of a very small package. We recommend you have us ship to a freight broker here in the USA.

We no longer quote shipping charges, but can give you an estimate, or, you can estimate shipping costs yourself by going to the USPS Website. Most of the time your order will be sent Air Parcel Post or Global EMS.

Important Note: We hate to pay shipping charges as much as you do. If we charge fifty dollars to ship something to you, it means we have to pay to turn around and pay the carrier fifty dollars for his services. For more information on shipping charges, please go HERE.

If you have any other questions regarding how we do stuff, please read our policy page. This includes information on Returns, Collect Phone calls, shipping boxes, or anything else people have asked about over the years.

Credit Card

We accept VISA, Mastercard and if we really must -- American Express or Discover.

Please make sure you give us your name exactly as it appears on your credit card and the billing address of the credit card.

You can use a credit card to pay for a phone order, but the goods will only be sent to the verified address of the card holder.

If you need to send your credit card information over the web, please use our secure e-mail.


We now take payments with PayPal. We can only ship to the verified address. Send your payment to:

Or use our PayPal page.


Send a check or money order for the exact amount of your order including shipping charges to:

Special Effect Supply Corp.
164 East Center Street
North Salt Lake UT 84054 USA

NOTE: Must be paid in US Dollars.


Not available outside of the USA.

Open Account

Not available outside of the USA.

Wire Transfer

Not available. Please use PayPal

Western Union

Not available. Please use PayPal.

Almost all of the fraud problems we have come from foreign orders or foreign persons using stolen credit card information. We investigate all suspicious credit card activity or requests. We do not process "gifts" or rush orders to any foreign account. We often warn others in the trade about attempted frauds.