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Ordering from Special Effect Suppy Corp. is really easy.

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This is a handy tool to help you do any of the following. Simply click on the stuff you want and follow the options. To find out more about the WishList simply click on the WishList logo for information.

By Telephone

Simply call in your order at 801-936-9762. Use the WishList to save time, simply give us your WishList number and we can see what you want. Or, Please organize your order and have those very important catalog numbers ready (or we won't know what you want.)

By Telephone, Toll Free in the USA or Canada call 888-648-8810 Same as above, but you don't have to pay for the call.


Send us your PO, home-made form or our PDF call 801-936-9763. HINT: Use the WishList and the FAX will automatically fill in for you.

By Email

Include or attach your order and send it to sales@fxsupply.com. Please use a secure method to transmit any credit card information. You can use our Secure e-mail if you wish. You can also use the WishList with either regular mail or the secure mail. This is a great way of sending us your order without the hassle of a Shopping Cart.

Our Shopping Cart

Feature is available to people who know exactly what they need. Click here to go directly to our Shopping Cart.

By regular Mail

Use the WishList to generate your order form. Mail us your PO, home-made form or our PDF form. Be sure your Money Order includes the correct shipping amount. You can obtain this by calling, email or by using the Shopping Cart.