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Armaverse Makers of stock armature parts for stop motion animation. Theatrical Supply in the UK. Largest Resources guide in the world!

Brian Brushwood Bizarre Magician

Brian Brushwood Bizarre Magician. Brian's manager: Mike Whitfield at 866-462-4424 or

But is it Art? Forum for people who make art films and want to market their projects. Maintained by Frank Colin.

Can Stock Photo Can Stock Photo offers over 5 million professional royalty free stock photos at prices you can afford. We offer free weekly downloads with thousands of new images added every week.

Castcraft Roger Beebe

Claymation site

Contact Lens Shop LensQuest offers all types of contact lenses.

Cthulhu Live Live action horror gaming in the worlds of HP Lovecraft.

DiaboliCo "DiaboliCo is the leading manufacturer of specialized electrical effects and flame retardant textured wall and floor coverings use for theatrical productions, amusement parks and "haunted" attractions, and for theming special events."

Dream Motion Ne CG Community.

Eye Excel We sell contact lenses online.

Gelatin Site Interesting things you never knew about gelatin. My thanks to Arturo E. Navarro for this lead.

Gretchen Davis Makeup Educational website.

Halloween HQ Resource Resource site for everything to do with the Halloween costumes. Full of newsletters, articles, links and other resources - ALL FREE - in one easy to navigate site to save time and money.

Halloween! The Houdini Halloween Holiday Halloween magic, and the eerie Houdini- Halloween connection.

Haunted Resources

How to become a makeup artist. Among all personal care professions, makeup artistry is perhaps the one with the fewest dedicated resources for information on education and licensing. At the same time, makeup artists are subject to some of the more complex licensing laws. This inspired us to create – the first-of-its-kind dedicated resource designed for aspiring makeup artisans that may be considering careers in the salon industry, film and TV production, the wedding and special events industry, as well as the theatrical and performing arts. Working together with experienced cosmetics professionals, state licensing boards, and cosmetology schools offering makeup artist training, we here at have created a website designed to answer the questions all aspiring makeup artists have.


Indie Guide A site made especially for those interested in media production.

Internet Movie Database

Jeff Allen Site Has a "Body Cast" How-to at this site. Very useful to new-comers.

Lil Shop of Horrors Since 1969 Jim Gracie has been involved in Theater and other aspects of the Biz, Now check out his web page.

Make-Up Designory (a.k.a. "mud") New Makeup School in Toluca Lake, California, USA. Teaches special make-up effects as well as beauty, character, etc..

Makeup Artist Magazine New publication that caters to the professional makeup artist.

Makeup Mania! Professional beauty supply for makeup artists and special fx artists.

Mask Links Sources of masks and mask materials by Conrad Schuler. Place to find photographers, models, hair and costumers.

New York Film Academy The New York Film Academy offers hands-on courses where students can study the visual arts in a learning-by-doing environment. Programs include graphic design, illustration, 3D animation, filmmaking, and more.

Nimba Creations Full size props, costumes and videos for various Games Workshop projects as well as for films and tv

Parsons The New School for Design If you're interested in motion graphics including animated typography for film and television credits, animation for advertising, and special effects for film and music videos New York is the place to be. Interesting Studio Site. Paranormal site.

Stock Video and Special Effects at Foto Search Stock Photography, a U.S. based stock photography website that offers over 60,000 high-quality stock footage and special effect clips.

Stop Motion Animation Information on Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion Central Started in 2008 to invigorate the stop motion animation scene online. We hope to create lots of stop motion animation tutorials for beginners and intermediate animators over the coming years. Join our forum and post your videos.

Stop Motion Pro Want to make you own professional stop-motion animation on your home PC or Mac? Live Special Effects such as lasers, pyrotechnics and fog.

Studio Makeup Academy A makeup school in Southern California. Contact Jim Hedge for more information.

The Kogar Awards Site features the best Horror, Special Effects and Entertainment Sites.

The Scream Team, Inc. "Movie-quality foam latex prosthetics -- ready to apply!" Transitions Digital Graphics (or ECAB)

Vancouver Film School Full time immersion program in Make-up for Film & Television.

Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts Widely acclaimed makeup school.