Stan Romanek UFO Alien Hoax

Places to see the footage

Simply google stan romanek alien video (don't forget to come back.) We are still waiting for the full three minutes. (He won't release it because it is in the hands of scientists.)

Right Now Larry King Live has the best footage.

No analysis of the video footage is needed on this one. This is clearly a bad hoax. If you can't see it, let me shed some light on the subject.

First, Let's talk about the puppet

It is clearly a head on a stick. It does have eye blinks, maybe some mouth movements, but the head doesn't pivot on the atlas. Watch it carefully and you will see that the head movements are controlled from below the window frame. Yes the same window frame that hides the kid holding the stick.

But it blinks and talks. Certainly that is much too complicated and expensive for an amateur, therefore it must be true footage, right?

Sorry, Spacefans, I have thousands to customers who have inexpensively made puppets that blink and talk. The eye lids, which are the most convincing feature, do blink, but they blink like the movement was made with a servomotor. It's not natural, it's not fast and it's not real. The fact that the puppet blinks is not proof, it is the way it blinks that is a dead giveaway.

Did you notice the way the puppet exited the shot? It looks like someone simply turned the stick and "walked" the puppet away. Where any of those movements natural? No, on several levels. The biggest giveaway is the fact that the alien got shorter. Maybe he was walking downhill, but I doubt it. The puppeteer couldn't decide if he wanted the head to go down or across, so he did both. Did you notice the puppet didn't pivot his head, just turned his body like a SouthPark Cartoon. OK, maybe he's got a stiff neck from the long ride in space. If you watch carefully you can see the weight shift in the puppeteers hand. The head is top heavy and it would be impossible to hide that without any mass to support it.

Have you ever watched a snake move through the grass. Lot's of body movements but the head remains steady. We all do this, but you can really see it with snakes. Our body works in marvelous and subtle ways to keep our eyes and heads steady -- like the guns on a battle ship. You didn't see it with this creature because it is fake, fake, fake.

Did the skin look natural to you? If you look in the mirror you will notice that your lines and marks are not painted on. Shadow and light do that for us. Amateurs, or people making animations for dark-rides will paint on the features. Sorry again Spacefans, his guy is not only fake, but has a bad paintjob.

Did you notice the dangling arm when the alien peeked around the wall? It ain't got no bones, that's why. Watch carefully and you will notice that it isn't articulated. Now it might be true that the alien does have a paralyzed arm from an accident somewhere.

Did you ever see this little guy walking around? Nope. That's because we need a wall to hide the puppeteer.

Now let's talk about the Circumstances

Suspicious from the start. It's Stan's house, Stan's camera, Stan's story. He has bought into Roswell NM alien cliche and thinks we all buy it. He claims that at first he thought he had a peeping Tom. So what does he do? He sets up a camera to catch the guy. Stan is just not very smart. Why didn't he call the police? Why does he want a photograph? For proof? Why didn't Stan set up a trap? Or, better yet, just shoot the damn thing. If you want proof Stan give us a body, alive or dead. I've got a high power hunting rifle you can borrow -- and yes it will blast through walls.

Stan's little alien has nerves of steel. He must think that Stan is harmless because the little gray guy had no emotional reaction. No fear, no surprise, not even a smile. He certainly didn't run away. You know, it was just like the little guys' emotions were just painted on.

Of course the big question is this? Of all the billions of people on this planet, why would the aliens be interested in Stan Romanek. Why would they send a creature to peer through Stan's window? Cable channel selection maybe? CNN for sure.

Aliens in General

Large headed Aliens from outer space don't exist. Little men with big heads and small bodies like this have never been seen, and I'll give you two irrefutable reasons.

First, a tiny body just can't support that massive head. Gravity just won't allow it. I worked on the E.T. shows for Universal, and I can tell you about this. First E.T.'s center of gravity makes him fall face first into the ground. We always had to clamp the guy to a table. The same thing is true with all these aliens. They have legs, but they can't walk nor even stand. If one of those sneezed, the mass of his head would knock him on his butt.

E.T. had two other design problems. his arms were too long, but he had to use muscle to lift them, unless he wanted to drag his arms across the ground. The other problem was his neck extension. It just doesn't occur in nature to extend vertebrae. This is to say nothing about the amount of muscle needed to lift that heavy head. E.T. is an excellent example of a hoax. It has the permanent imprint of bad design. Nature has the permanent imprint of excellent design. (Yes, God is a brilliant designer.)

Second, and this is the most important thing. It has to do with birth canal. Sorry folks, but it is impossible for a tiny body like those to carry a big ol' head like that in the womb and give birth to it. Humans are just barely large enough to pass a pumpkin sized head through the birth canal, and sometimes that doesn't even work. Our little UFO people have heads that contain more mass than their bodies. Sorry, the math just doesn't add up.

You may argue that in space travel you don't need a large body because you are weightless. OK, got me on that one, but there is now a bigger problem with that theory. It's OK in outer space, but when these creatures are on our planet they've got to walk around like the rest of us. We know that our planet has gravity and a lot of it for a little guy. These creatures aren't used to that much gravity. It will smash them like a bug on a rock. If these were truly from outer space they would be riding around in little wheel chairs with a big head support. In fact, now that I think of it, why are these gray guys always naked? Certainly with all that high tech they would be fashion conscious. Hmmmm.

So what about all those eye-witnesses?

They are not eye witnesses. When ever you meet one ask them some questions. You will often (I mean always) find that these people "recovered" suppressed memories of their encounters that were only recovered by hypnosis. Remarkably the same method is used to recover lost memories of child abuse. And ritual abuse. And any other ugly thing the therapist has on his mind. These people really need to read some things about "False Memory Syndrome" and other planted, enhanced and false memories. Hypnosis is extremely dangerous simply because the participants don't have the advantage of a before and after. They donít know their memory has been altered. Once the memory has been planted it is nearly impossible to remove because they believe it was fact. I still can't believe that in our time (2008) people still continue to rely on hypnosis to recover "facts."

The only creatures who have a right to claim an alien abduction are those black bears that get darted, picked up by a helicopter and taken to a new area. The only humans who can make a claim to alien abduction are people who have experienced a date-rape drug. (But I'm not going there.)

Am I wrong to demand that the rules of nature apply to creatures from other space? I think not, simply because it has been the humanoid form that has been presented to us. If you start to follow the rules, you've got to follow them all the way. If the creatures can't eat or breathe why do they have a mouth? Why do they have legs and arms? If they are from outer space, then why have feet? You don't need feet in outer space. An extra set of hands would be nice. And what's with that big brain? Are they supposed to be smart? If so, they surely make some dumb decisions, especially with the company they keep and the people they spy on. If they were really that smart they'd keep out of sight or exploit us dumb humans.

One last question. Why is it that only whacko's are the only people smart enough to detect invaders from outer space?

Steve Biggs, Pres.