Black Light Floursent Paint

       Professional grade paint for entertainment venues and other cool projects.

   9 Vibrant colors with very little color shift

Make sure you get the correct paint for your project.

Get sizes and prices.

Ben Nye Makeup Starts Here

We offer, but do not stock the entire BEN NYE product line. This means your items will be fresh and new. But, it also means we might not be able to help you in case you are in a rush. We do stock popular items here in Utah. A large order can be ready to ship in a few days but small orders will need to be accumulated in order to minimize shipping costs.

The best way to order is to follow these two steps:


Download the full color 2020 Ben Nye Catalog in PDF.

This is a great starting point because you can see everything and how it relates to other things without clicking a bunch of links and losing your place. Make notes of the things you want. You can also get great information at the Ben Nye website.


Find the items you want in our massive database. The best way to do this is to access our PRICE LIST and use the search features.


You will also need to translate the Ben Nye catalog numbers into our model numbers. This is simple; add the prefix "BN-" to their number and drop any remaining dashes "-". For example the catalog number for spirit gum is SG-1 but our model number is BN-SG1. Unfortunately the search feature doesn't like partial model numbers so to find something by model number you will have to put the entire number in.

Another great thing about our PRICE LIST is you can save your work by printing it out or or saving it as an Excel file.

You will notice some missing photos. This is because I have to find and plug them in one at a time, by hand. If you really want to see something please send an email and I'll put them in for you. I should be able to remove this note by the end of May 2024.



Find Everything we Sell Starting Here

Not only can you find everything we sell, you can also generate your own Price List and print it out or download it as an Excel file.


Special Effect Supply

The advantage of searching with Partial Product Code: 

At the top of each page is a search engine that allows you to search with partial product code. This is wonderful if you want to select a bunch of items from the same group instead of searching for each individual product number.

For Example. Let's say you want to get a selection of Ben Nye's cream liners. The product number for those guys starts with BN-CL. So put in "bn-cl" and all the items with that product code will appear. Now all you have to do is click on the ones you want. No need to wade through the morass of product names. The Master Price List does not do this, only the Search Engine at the top of each page.


   I'm still working on code to get our website up and running, but I'm making progress every day. I've got thousands of photos I need to plug in one at a time, plus hundreds of hard-coded HTML pages to update. If you need help please call 801-936-9762.

   Regarding Shipping: 

All orders are processed with a modicum of common sense. We may contact you with lower or faster shipping rates.

   Getting Started:

If you know what you want, the best way to get started is with our big PRICE LIST. Please click on the link below.

Don't forget if you have a RUSH ORDER to please call me at 801-936-9762

   Thanks, Steve

Steve's Foam Coatings for EPS

This is the hard coating that doesn't melt Styrofoam (R). 

Some useful links:

The Basics of Coating Rigid Foams

To order Steve's Foam Coat

The origional pages from our old website (more information and photos)