About Steve


I started in the BIZ in the late fall of 1986. The first L.A. thing I did was to make a model mover track for Peter Curan.

After that I moved on to mechanical animation, the robots you see in Theme Parks.

As a Mechanical Animator, I have worked on robotic characters seen in animated shows throughout the world including the E.T. Rides at Universal Studios in Orlando and Hollywood, Shows for the Lotte' World Amusement Park in South Korea and the animated figures at the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. During my six years in the Los Angeles Area, I went from machinist to Project Manager by working different jobs on a variety of shows and projects. My specialties are mechanical design and project management, although I've had practical experience in sculpting, plastics, mold making, fiberglass work, and finish work. I was able to enter special effects because of my background in graphics, advertising and manufacturing. I returned to Utah soon after the Los Angeles riots.

NOTE: All of the above was true a super long time ago. It doesn't reflect the thirty years I've spent running Special Effect Supply.

Unless you live in a cave you have seen my work, my advice and my products on screens large and small.

The last real movie I worked on was Con Air. That was way back in 1997. I was one of 26 on their special effects team. I don't think my name appears in the credits. I don't care anyway.

Film making is for young people. People can work for days with very little sleep. At 45 I could be the old guy on set.

Speaking of "on set": While I love what the artists and wardrobe creates, it turns out I'm not very good on set. I can see a lot of stuff and have the tendency to yell out my observations. I perfer to sit in my little studio and tell my people what to do.

As of March 2024 my goal is to keep writing. My specialty is humor.

Thanks for reading this,