Breakaway Bottle Supplies

break bottle

These materials are for professional use only. These are not kits, just the raw materials. Due to the high temperatures involved, basic breakaway bottle technique and knowledge are required when using this product. These materials do not come with instructions. Some helpful information can be obtained by getting our DVD Breakaway Bottle. You will also need gear that will protect you from heat and an understanding of the casting process. This is not a good project for high schools.

Breakaway Bottle Blend

This has been the traditional bottle and glass casting material used in Hollywood for many years. 7oz will make a large whiskey bottle, but more is needed for control during the pour. You melt it in a covered saucepan. This is not the same as "sugar glass", as it is not edible.

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The brittle resin component of Bottle Blend.

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The flexible resin component of Bottle Blend.

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A pound of Piccotex, when melted is about 18 1/2 fluid ounces or 550 ml, and a pound of Piccolastic, when melted is about 16 1/2 fluid ounces or 500 ml. You should use 1/4 Piccotex to 3/4 Piccolastic for window panes. For more information, please purchase our "Breakaway Bottle" DVD. This video will provide you with the knowledge you need to make your own bottles and demonstrate how to make and pour the basic two-part silicone mold needed to cast the bottle. You should use heat-resistant silicone for the mold, and translucent resin dye for the color.