Also check out Mehron Body Paint

Mehron is a quality makeup that usually is a good lower-cost alternative to some of the others. Their student makeup kits, for example, are a very good deal. The company itself is well-established and has been around for many years. Because they are a long distance from my store it takes extra time to receive shipments from them.

Mehron "Mini-Pro" Student Makeup Kits

Mehron "Mini-Pro" Student Makeup Kits

Featuring CreamBlend Makeup Base. Available in three popular shades.

Cream makeup (oil based) for individual use. Best value if cost is a factor. Enough for 7 to 10 applications.

Contains: 8 Color Palette (Highlight/Contour/Accent Shades) CreamBlend Foundation, E.Y.E Cream, L.I.P. Cream, CHEEK Cream, Colorset powder, Eye Liner Pencil, Stageline brush, 1 Stipple Sponge, 2 Non-latex Sponges , 1 powder puff and step by step Instruction booklet. Net Wt. 1.25 oz/35 gm.

Add Model # Description Price
ME-KMP-NF Fair/Olive Fair Complexion $17.90
ME-KMP-NF - Fair/Olive Fair Complexion ($17.90 each)

ME-KMP-NM Medium/Olive Medium Complexion $17.90
ME-KMP-NM - Medium/Olive Medium Complexion ($17.90 each)

ME-KMP-ND Medium Dark/Dark Complexion $17.90
ME-KMP-ND - Medium Dark/Dark Complexion ($17.90 each)

Paradise Makeup AQ Palette

Paradise Makeup AQ Palette

A semi-soft, water activated, moist cake makeup in a convenient 8-color palette. Available in a basic color, pastel color, tropical color, Nuance or Brïllant color configuration. Purchase an empty palette and custom build your own palette using the 8-color Palette refills.

Add Model # Description Price
ME-808-B Basic Palette 8 Colors $39.88
ME-808-B - Basic Palette 8 Colors ($39.88 each)

ME-808-P Pastel Palette 8 Colors $39.88
ME-808-P - Pastel Palette 8 Colors ($39.88 each)

ME-808-T Tropical Palette 8 Colors $39.88
ME-808-T - Tropical Palette 8 Colors ($39.88 each)

ME-808-N Nuance Palette 8 Colors $39.88
ME-808-N - Nuance Palette 8 Colors ($39.88 each)

ME-808-R Brilliant Palette 8 Colors $54.88
ME-808-R - Brilliant Palette 8 Colors ($54.88 each)

3-D Effects

3-D Effects


Add Model # Description Price
ME-139 Modeling Wax 1oz $5.90
ME-139 - Modeling Wax 1oz ($5.90 each)

ME-140 Modeling Putty/Wax 1oz. $5.90
ME-140 - Modeling Putty/Wax 1oz. ($5.90 each)

ME-147 SynWax 1.5oz. $7.00
ME-147 - SynWax 1.5oz. ($7.00 each)

Spirit Gum

Spirit Gum

Spirit Gum Liquid Adhesive has been used throughout the Theater and Movie Industries for decades. This amber colored, alcohol/resin liquid adhesive is used for applying Crepe Hair mustaches and beards, wigs, fake noses and bald caps. The acting professionals use Spirit Gum Liquid Adhesive by Mehron because they know they can trust the standards that Mehron has set in the industry since 1927 by producing the finest quality Spirit Gum Liquid Adhesive that won't quit in the middle of a Performance or Movie Shoot. The Spirit Gum Liquid Adhesive in a 1 oz bottle with a brush for easy application is the exact same Spirit Gum Liquid Adhesive that Mehron produces for the Makeup Artists on the sets of Major Motion Pictures. Spirit Gum Liquid Adhesive is removable with Spirit Gum Remover.

Flammable, Must be shipped UPS Ground.

Add Model # Description Price
xxx Call for Price
xxx - (Call for Price each)

Mehron Tooth EFX

Mehron Tooth EFX

Tooth FX is a Theatrical Special Effects Tooth Paint to enhance character Makeup. This safe non-toxic temporary paint-on tooth color is made by Mehron, the leader in Performance Makeup. Tooth F-X comes carded with a brush in a variety of colors for character enhancement.  Just like the Professional Special Effects Artists you can create the look you need to complete your character. The newest  Tooth F-X color- SPINACH! Each .25 oz Color of Tooth F-X Special Effects Tooth Paint comes carded with instructions.  This is a product that takes care of the details to realistically enhance your costume or character.

Flammable, Must be shipped UPS Ground.

Add Model # Description Price
ME-TFX-B Tooth F/X - Black, .25 fl oz $6.00
ME-TFX-B - Tooth F/X - Black, .25 fl oz ($6.00 each)

ME-TFX-G Tooth F/X - Gold, .25 fl oz $6.00
ME-TFX-G - Tooth F/X - Gold, .25 fl oz ($6.00 each)

ME-TFX-N Tooth F/X - Nico/Decay, .25 fl oz $6.00
ME-TFX-N - Tooth F/X - Nico/Decay, .25 fl oz ($6.00 each)

ME-TFX-W Tooth F/X- White, .25 fl oz $6.00
ME-TFX-W - Tooth F/X- White, .25 fl oz ($6.00 each)

ME-TFX-S Tooth F/X - Spinach Green, .25 fl oz $6.00
ME-TFX-S - Tooth F/X - Spinach Green, .25 fl oz ($6.00 each)

ME-TFX-R Tooth F/X - Blood Red, .25 fl oz $6.00
ME-TFX-R - Tooth F/X - Blood Red, .25 fl oz ($6.00 each)



Black Light Activated Makeup Essential

B.L.A.M.E is a black light activated cream makeup used on the face and body to create unique fun designs. B.L.A.M.E is super-easy to use, transfer-resistant and long-wearing. Available in 6 vibrant blacklight reactive colors. Stays on all night but easily washes away with soap and water. The 6 Color Set comes in portable easy to use click pens. The mess-proof applicator tip allows you to apply makeup directly on hair and skin.

Add Model # Description Price
ME-113-T Call for Price
ME-113-T - (Call for Price each)

ME-113-W Call for Price
ME-113-W - (Call for Price each)

ME-113-O Call for Price
ME-113-O - (Call for Price each)

ME-113-Y Call for Price
ME-113-Y - (Call for Price each)

ME-113-BL Call for Price
ME-113-BL - (Call for Price each)

ME-113-G Call for Price
ME-113-G - (Call for Price each)

ME-113-S Call for Price
ME-113-S - (Call for Price each)

Tattoo Cover

Tattoo Cover

A revolutionary new cream which covers the darkest tattoos, birthmarks and other skin discolorations. The creamy, waterproof formula is easy to apply and will conceal any skin flaw. Tattoo Cover is available in 5 individual shades.

.9 oz.

Add Model # Description Price
ME-506-TC1 Tattoo Cover Lightest Shade $8.00
ME-506-TC1 - Tattoo Cover Lightest Shade ($8.00 each)

ME-506-TC2 Tattoo Cover Light-Medium $8.00
ME-506-TC2 - Tattoo Cover Light-Medium ($8.00 each)

ME-506-TC3 Tattoo Cover Medium $8.00
ME-506-TC3 - Tattoo Cover Medium ($8.00 each)

ME-506-TC4 Tattoo Cover Medium-Dark $8.00
ME-506-TC4 - Tattoo Cover Medium-Dark ($8.00 each)

ME-506-TC5 Tattoo Cover Darkest $8.00
ME-506-TC5 - Tattoo Cover Darkest ($8.00 each)

Metalic Powder

Metalic Powder

This ultra fine Metallic Powder Makeup enables you to create dramatic makeup designs and effects. The soft Metallic Powder Makeup made by Mehron, Leaders in Theatrical Makeup since 1927, is finely crafted and evenly blended to provide you with the best available accenting powder on the market. The Metallic Powder formulated by the researchers of Mehron is currently available in Gold, Silver, Cooper, and Bronze allowing you to add dynamic shiny powder to any makeup look. This ultra fine, silky smooth Metallic Powder can be used dry or combine it with Mehron Mixing Liquid to form a water-based metallic liquid makeup. The dynamic effects of Metallic Makeup Powder can be used in body painting, face painting, costume makeup, character makeup and sexy evening makeup.

Add Model # Description Price
ME-129-B Metallic Powder Bronze .5 oz (14g) $8.50
ME-129-B - Metallic Powder Bronze .5 oz (14g) ($8.50 each)

ME-129-C Metallic Powder Copper .5 oz (14g) $8.50
ME-129-C - Metallic Powder Copper .5 oz (14g) ($8.50 each)

ME-129-G Metallic Powder Gold .5 oz (14g) $8.50
ME-129-G - Metallic Powder Gold .5 oz (14g) ($8.50 each)

ME-129-S Metallic Powder Silver .5 oz (14g) $8.50
ME-129-S - Metallic Powder Silver .5 oz (14g) ($8.50 each)

Mixing Liquid

Mixing Liquid

Our NEW Improved Mixing Liquid now contains Fixative. This Mixing Liquid is a liquid base for mixing with dry pigments such as our Metallic Powders. Create a liquid application that dries completely with our Mixing Liquid and dry color pigments. The Mixing Liquid holds for extended periods of time but still washes off easily with soap and water. The Mixing Liquid enables you to make unique liquid makeup for special projects in body painting and face painting. This Mixing Liquid is available here in a 4.5 oz bottle.

Add Model # Description Price
ME-129M Mixing Liquid $8.50
ME-129M - Mixing Liquid ($8.50 each)

AdMed Liquid Adhesive

AdMed Liquid Adhesive

New Formula!

Mehron has improved the formula for AdMed Liquid Adhesive clear, synthetic adhesive that stands up to the toughest performance conditions. AdMed Liquid Adhesive is used by Professional Clowns to secure their Clown Nose and by Makeup Artists and Special Effects Artists for prosthesis and Bald Caps. AdMed Liquid Adhesive is perspiration resistant and adheres through the most active performances. This liquid theatrical adhesive is strong and durable yet removes easily with AdMed Adhesive Remover.

.5 oz

Add Model # Description Price
ME-355 AdMed Liquid Adhesive Flammable N/A
ME-355 - AdMed Liquid Adhesive (N/A each)

AdMed Adhesive Remover

AdMed Adhesive Remover

AdMed Adhesive Remover was developed by Mehron to easily remove AdMed Liquid Adhesive after a performance. Clowns love the ease at which they can remove their noses quickly and cleanly without damaging their skin. Although AdMed Adhesive Remover is a special formula developed to break down and remove AdMed Liquid Adhesive for theatrical performers.Every home should have a bottle in their medicine cabinet. AdMed Adhesive Remover easily removes medical adhesive residue from the skin left by bandages and medical tape. Easily remove band-aids from children without the 'OUCH'. AdMed Adhesive Remover is so easy to use, just apply it to the glued area, rub gently and watch the residue disappear without damaging or hurting the skin. Medical Professionals keep a bottle of AdMed Adhesive Remover for gentle patient treatment.

4.5 oz.

Add Model # Description Price
ME-355R AdMed Adhesive Remover Flammable $7.00
ME-355R - AdMed Adhesive Remover ($7.00 each)

Rigid Collodion

Rigid Collodion

Rigid Collodion "Scarring Liquid"is a clear solution created for Special Effects Makeup work to create the effects of scarring skin. When the Rigid Collodion "Scarring Liquid" is painted onto a small area of the skin as it dries it wrinkles the skin. You can create larger scarring effects by repeating the application of Rigid Collodion "Scarring Liquid". To remove Rigid Collodion "Scarring Liquid" you simply peel it off. For the Professional Special Effects Makeup Artists you will notice the difference with our Rigid Collodion "Scarring Liquid", for the novice a little practice will make you an expert at creating scarring effects.

.25 oz.

Flammable Must be Shipped UPS Ground

Add Model # Description Price
ME-204-RAC Rigid Collodion .125 fl oz $5.30
ME-204-RAC - Rigid Collodion .125 fl oz ($5.30 each)


Add Model # Description Price
ME-121 Call for Price
ME-121 - (Call for Price each)

ME-123 Call for Price
ME-123 - (Call for Price each)

ME-124 Call for Price
ME-124 - (Call for Price each)

Mehron brand Rubber Mask Grease Paint

Mehron brand Rubber Mask Grease Paint

Mask Cover by Mehron

Mask Cover 15-Color Palette

Rubber Mask Grease Paint: The "Original" Mask Cover Makeup

Mehron Mask Cover is the premier choice of professional special effects artists for its incredible effectiveness in covering latex and rubber prosthetics, bald caps, etc. Provides complete coverage and easy blending necessary for realistic results.

Mask Cover (for prosthetics) (102LM) 1 oz (28 gm)

Olive Series 5-Color LM Palette (102LM-OP)

Mask Cover Palette contains 15 of the most useful shades of Mask Cover (see picture above of palette) 3.75 oz (105 gm).

Add Model # Description Price
ME-102LM-OS2 Call for Price
ME-102LM-OS2 - (Call for Price each)

ME-102LM-OS4 Call for Price
ME-102LM-OS4 - (Call for Price each)

ME-102LM-OS6 Call for Price
ME-102LM-OS6 - (Call for Price each)

ME-102LM-OS8 Call for Price
ME-102LM-OS8 - (Call for Price each)

ME-102LM-OS10 Call for Price
ME-102LM-OS10 - (Call for Price each)

ME-102LM-OP Call for Price
ME-102LM-OP - (Call for Price each)

ME-102LM-TV4 Call for Price
ME-102LM-TV4 - (Call for Price each)

ME-102LM-TV6 Call for Price
ME-102LM-TV6 - (Call for Price each)

ME-102LM-TV10 Call for Price
ME-102LM-TV10 - (Call for Price each)

ME-102LM-16B Call for Price
ME-102LM-16B - (Call for Price each)

ME-102LM-10C Call for Price
ME-102LM-10C - (Call for Price each)

ME-102LM-B Call for Price
ME-102LM-B - (Call for Price each)

ME-102LM-R Call for Price
ME-102LM-R - (Call for Price each)

ME-102LM-BL Call for Price
ME-102LM-BL - (Call for Price each)

ME-102LM-18B Call for Price
ME-102LM-18B - (Call for Price each)

ME-102LM-25A Call for Price
ME-102LM-25A - (Call for Price each)

ME-102LM-28A Call for Price
ME-102LM-28A - (Call for Price each)

ME-102LM-30A Call for Price
ME-102LM-30A - (Call for Price each)

ME-102LM-10B Call for Price
ME-102LM-10B - (Call for Price each)

ME-102LM-W Call for Price
ME-102LM-W - (Call for Price each)

ME-102LM-G Call for Price
ME-102LM-G - (Call for Price each)

ME-102LM-Y Call for Price
ME-102LM-Y - (Call for Price each)

ME-102LMP Call for Price
ME-102LMP - (Call for Price each)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Rubber Mask Grease Paint requires powdering to "set" the makeup and remove the shine. Excess powder is removed with a Powder Brush, damp cloth or damp sponge.