Special Effects Makeup Kit and Video

Special Effects Makeup Kit by Mehron

Mehron Specical Effects Makeup Kit and Simple Special Effects DVD

Kit by Mehron DVD by Special Effect Supply

We are pleased to carry Mehron's Special FX All-Pro Makeup Kit. Every makeup artist should have a special effects kit. This kit contains professional grade materials in entry level sizes. If purchased separately the contents would cost about $200. Highly recommended for beginners and young film makers. If you are new to moulage training I would start with this kit for self-training. Contents are detailed below. NOTE: Containers and lables may vary from photos.

This kit would not be complete without good video instruction. This is why we are bundling it with the Special Effect Supply's classic DVD, "Simple Special Effects" which demonstrates more than forty of the most common makeup effects. Many people have started their special effects career with this video. The video runs 58 minutes and was produced in 1996. NOTE: Some brands of makeup featured in this video are no longer available. Substitutions are available from Special Effect Supply Corp.

What's Included in the Mehron Speical Effects Makeup Kit
Add Model # Description Price
ME-KSPFX Special Effects Makeup Kit by Mehron $105.00
ME-KSPFX - Special Effects Makeup Kit by Mehron ($105.00 each)

ME-KSPFXV Special Effects Makeup Kit and DVD Bundle $119.95
ME-KSPFXV - Special Effects Makeup Kit and DVD Bundle ($119.95 each)

    The Kit Contains:

    Mehron's Special FX Kit is equipped with all the makeup and tools needed to create beginner to the most advanced makeup applications! This professional kit includes: Step-by-step pictorial instructions for special effects, 8-color palette with 4 Mask Cover shades and 4 CreamBlend shades, 4.5 oz. Latex Clear, 1 oz. Squirt Blood, Large Powder Puff, 2 oz. 3D Clear Gel, Stage Blood, .5 oz. Coagulated Blood, 1 oz. Barrier Spray, Crepe Hair, 3 full size Stageline Makeup Brushes, Colorset Powder, 1 oz. Makeup Remover Lotion, 1 oz. Brush Cleaner, 1 oz. Spirt Gum Remover, Spirit Gum, Tooth FX Blood Red, Tooth FX Nicotine, Rigid Collodion, Fixative A, 1 oz. Hair White, Modeling Putty/Wax, Extra Flesh, Bruise ProColoRing™, Stipple Sponge, Non Latex Sponges, Cotton Swabs, 2 Prosthetic Bullet Holes, and 1 Prosthetic Wound.

    The DVD Demonstrates:

    This informative DVD features nearly 40 easy-to-do special effects. These effects include: makeup effects, gel effects, A+B blood, gushing blood, simple latex appliances, flowing blood from a knife, goo effects, vampire tooth caps, realistic compound fractures with flowing blood, a bullet hit with a blow-tube and more. It is excellent for young film makers, mock-disaster training, haunted houses and those wanting to learn the basic effects of the trade. This is the first DVD in the SES series.

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