Hot Pour

Hot Pour General Instructions

Use in a well ventilated area.

STIR! Stir until there is no residue on the bottom of the container.

Use a double boiler to heat this product. I use peanut oil in the bottom pot and a candy thermometer to monitor temperature.

Liquid will be white until it "melts" then it will be clear. Melting starts at about 225º F. or 110º C. Don't go above 450º F. or 232º C.

When the liquid is melted you can add pigment. I use dry cosmetic pigment, opaque resin tint or translucent resin tint. Don't use anything with water in it because the water will boil (or explode).

No catalyst is needed, the stuff "cures" by cooling. Try to pour the entire amount at once rather than in batches. If you pour hot onto cold you will get weld lines.

I like to use a silicone mold, but plaster or anything else that is heat resistant will do.

If you purchased the material from us you are always welcome to call for support.