Privacy Policy


Quite frankly we hate spam as much as you do. We do have a newsletter that we send out from time to time but you need to sign up for it. You will notice that we do not allow third parties to put their cookies on your computer from our website. Please note that we do not run ads. Our revenue is strictly from sales of our products. We do not share or sell your private information. It is that simple.

You will see the OpenCart at the bottom of the page. That is because they power most of this website. We are not compensated for that but are very grateful for the quality code they have provided.


We DO put cookies on your browser. These are all related to your experience at our website such as tracking you as you put items in your shopping cart and move from page to page. That's how our server knows how to day; “Welcome Back Yournamehere!” We also like to preserve your wish-list in case you come back later to turn it into an order. These are all utility related cookies and not connected to spam or advertising.

Google Analytics

We do have Google Analytics tracking activity on our site. I don't think they use cookies to do this. If you know, please let me know. Thanks, Steve


We send out a newsletter about three or four times a year. Most of the time content will be something fun such as jokes, an interesting article or job opportunity. The newsletter may contain news about a sale. Our members are first priority so if you like a good deal from time to time it would be in your best interest to sign up for the newsletter. These are mostly written by me, Steve Biggs.

Updated: 5-1-2024