Dental Prosthetics

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Custom Dental Prosthetics

If you really want to radically change the appearance of your gums and teeth you will have to make a set of custom dental prosthetics. This is a complicated process that borders on bridge work. By the way it is illegal to practice dentistry without a license. You should never think about wearing any of these things for any extended period of time. If you are interested in this process you should start with good information on the subject. Books which have sections on dental prosthetics are: Stage Makeup by Corson, Grande Illusions by Savini or Special Makeup Effects by Kehoe. We carry the professional level materials to make these items, but we don't sell them to kids unless an experienced adult certifies that he or she will be present and supervise their use.

Thom Jensen's Video

Student Character Teeth Kit

Contains everything you need to make a set or two of character teeth. Companion to Thom Jensen's video. Adult supervision required.

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DENT-KIT Call for Price
DENT-KIT - (Call for Price each)

Dental Alginate

Generic dental alginate, sets in a matter of only a few seconds.

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DAL-1 Alginate Impression Materials, 1 lb. $13.00
DAL-1 - Alginate Impression Materials, 1 lb. ($13.00 each)

Dental Trays

Used to make molds of the teeth.

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DTRAY-ANT Call for Price
DTRAY-ANT - (Call for Price each)

DTRAY-SM Call for Price
DTRAY-SM - (Call for Price each)

DTRAY-ME Call for Price
DTRAY-ME - (Call for Price each)

DTRAY-LG Call for Price
DTRAY-LG - (Call for Price each)

Acrylic Monomer


The materials listed here are not certified for medical or dental use. This material is not intended for the diagnosis, mitigation, prevention, nor treatment of disease or other medical conditions in man or animals. If you need a dental prosthetic please seek the care of a dentist. It is a violation of federal law to use these materials for any prosthetic that will be used on a day-to-day basis.

Traditional Method of use: Put the desired amount of powder into a glass container. Drop in activating liquid until the slurry is wet. Cover and let it set for three minutes. Pour into the mold.

For the construction of fake teeth and the casting of small parts. For professional use only.

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ACR-LIQ-2 Acrylic Activator Fluid, 2 fl. oz. $18.00
ACR-LIQ-2 - Acrylic Activator Fluid, 2 fl. oz. ($18.00 each)

ACR-C-2 Call for Price
ACR-C-2 - (Call for Price each)

ACR-P-2 Call for Price
ACR-P-2 - (Call for Price each)

ACR-66-2 No. 66 Tooth Shade acrylic powder, 2 fl. oz. $18.00
ACR-66-2 - No. 66 Tooth Shade acrylic powder, 2 fl. oz. ($18.00 each)

ACR-FP-2 Call for Price
ACR-FP-2 - (Call for Price each)

ACR-LIQ-1 Call for Price
ACR-LIQ-1 - (Call for Price each)

ACR-C-1 Call for Price
ACR-C-1 - (Call for Price each)

ACR-P-1 Call for Price
ACR-P-1 - (Call for Price each)

ACR-66-1 Call for Price
ACR-66-1 - (Call for Price each)

ACR-FP-1 Call for Price
ACR-FP-1 - (Call for Price each)