Makeup Prosthetics

How to make a simple nose prosthetic with liquid latex.

See our article, Hot Foam vs. Cold Foam

In this section we deal exclusively with Makeup Prosthetics and Dental Prosthetics. This is all advanced level stuff; it does require lab and mold-making experience, some equipment, and money. Don't try it without at least one or two good books on the subject or a DVD on the subject.


Prosthetic Gelatin, Pre-made ready to use.

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GELP-4 Call for Price

Modeling / Sculpting Clay

Modeling / Sculpting Clay

Sulfur free. Can be melted to a liquid and poured into a mold including alginate. Unless you specify otherwise, a neutral color such as flesh, tan, grey or the like will be shipped. Very soft

Klean clay has gone the way of the Earth. The old gentleman who made it used up the last of his chemicals and retired. He did, however, sell his formulas and equipment to a competitor, who has taken up the cause. The replacement clay is as follows:

Color Code

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VN10501 Yellow Modeling Clay, 4.5 lb. 2kg $14.99
VN10503 Red Modeling Clay, 4.5 lb. 2kg N/A
VN10506 Blue Modeling Clay, 4.5 lb. 2kg $14.99
VN10508 Green Modeling Clay, 4.5 lb. 2kg $14.99
VN10509 White Modeling Clay, 4.5 lb. 2kg $14.99
VN10510 Ivory Modeling Clay, 4.5 lb. 2kg $14.99
VN10511 Black Modeling Clay, 4.5 lb. 2kg $14.99
VN10512 Gray Modeling Clay, 4.5 lb. 2kg $14.99
VN10513 Gray Green Modeling Clay, 4.5 lb. 2kg $14.99
VN10514 Sculptor Gray Modeling Clay, 4.5 lb. 2kg $14.99
VN10516 Terra Cotta Modeling Clay, 4.5 lb. 2kg N/A
VN10517 Brown Modeling Clay, 4.5 lb. 2kg $14.99
VN10518 Beige Flesh Modeling Clay, 4.5 lb. 2kg $14.99
VN10519 Dark Green Modeling Clay, 4.5 lb. 2kg $14.99

Oil Based Student Clay

This is a sulfur free clay, perfect for direct contact with tin cure silicone mold making compound. It comes in two colors, cream or brown. It comes in two hardness's, Firm or regular in these configurations. Each pound of clay is wrapped.

(ASTM Certified)

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CLAYCF-24 Student Clay, Cream Firm 24 lbs $96.90
CLAYCR-24 Student Clay Cream Regular 24 lbs. $96.90
CLAYBR-24 Student Clay, Brown 24 lbs $96.90

Release Agents

Sealant or release agent for latex, plastic, plaster or concrete molds. Ideal for two-part plaster molds and mask making. Easily removed with water. Method: Apply two coats. When final coat is dry, brush (or burnish) with a dry brush or cloth.

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SEA-2 Sealube, 2 oz bottle $4.00
SEA-4 Sealube, 4 oz bottle $7.00
SEA-8 Sealube, 8 oz bottle $12.00

Plaster, Stone & Gypsum

Molders' Plaster or #1 Pottery Plaster Tooling plaster used to make absorption molds.

2,000 psi.

Set time 27-37 mins.

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MP-10 Molders Plaster, 10 lb. $12.00
MP-25 Molders Plaster, 25 lb. $20.00
MP-50 Molders Plaster, 50 lb. $32.00

UltraCal 30

Tooling gypsum used to make molds. Great for absorption molds. Favorite for making molds for liquid and foam latex.

6,000 psi.

Set time 25-35 mins.

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CAL30-10 UltraCal 30, 10 lb. $15.50
CAL30-25 UltraCal 30, 25 lb. $26.50
CAL30-50 UltraCal 30, 50 lb. $41.00


Slip Casting Latex (Professional Grade) For making Latex Halloween masks and simple latex appliances.

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MSKL-8 Slip Casting Latex, 8 oz. $7.50
MSKL-16 Slip Casting Latex, 16 oz. $10.00
MSKL-32 Slip Casting Latex, 1 quart $18.00
MSKL-128 Slip Casting Latex, 1 gallon $42.00
MSKL-640 Slip Casting Latex, 5 gals. Round Heavy $184.00

Rubber Mask Grease Paint

Rubber Mask Grease Palettes

IMPORTANT NOTE: All Grease and Cream makeup require powdering to "Set" the makeup and remove the shine, please refer to our selection of Face Powders below. Excess powder is removed with a Powder Brush, see Powder and Rouge Brushes.

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K02584 12 Color Rubber Mask Grease Paint Palette 1.4 oz. $59.20
K02583 16 Color MINI Rubber Mask Grease Paint PALETTE, 2.8 OZ. N/A
K02586 24 Color Rubber Mask Grease Paint Professional, 2.8 oz. Palette $116.50

Ben Nye Neutral Set

Ben Nye Neutral Set

Translucent Face Powder

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BN-TP5 N Set Trans Shaker 42gm $8.00
BN-TP6 85gm N Set Trans Shaker $11.00
BN-TP61 226gm N Set Trans Jar $20.00

Rubber Mask Grease Paint

Rubber Mask Grease Paint

Mask Cover 15-Color Palette (pictured above on left) Mask Cover Makeup on right

Rubber Mask Grease Paint: The "Original" Mask Cover Makeup Mehron Mask Cover is the premier choice of professional special effects artists for its incredible effectiveness in covering latex and rubber prosthetics, bald caps, etc. Provides complete coverage and easy blending necessary for realistic results.

Mask Cover (for prosthetics) (102LM)1 oz (28 gm)

Olive Series 5-Color LM Palette (102LM-OP) Colors. Olive Series 5-Color LM Palette contains: Light Olive (OS2), Mid-Lite Olive (OS4), Medium Olive (OS5), Mid-Dark Olive (OS8), Dark Olive (OS10).

Mask Cover Palette (102LMP) contains 15 of the most useful shades of Mask Cover (see picture above of palette) 3.75 oz (105 gm).

Colors. Mark Cover Palete contains: Light Olive (OS2), Mid-Lite Olive (OS4), Medium Olive (OS6), Mid-Dark Olive (OS8), Dark Olive (OS10), Soft Beige (TV4), Light Tan (TV6), Bronze Tan (TV10), Oriental (16B), Ebony (10C), Black (B), Nat. Beige Blush (25A), Lt. Cinnamon (28A), Ruddy Bronze (30A), American Indian (10B), White (W), Green (G), Yellow (Y), Red (R), Blue (BL), and Monster Grey (18B).

Add Model # Description Price
ME-102LM-OS2 Light Olive Rubber Mask Grease Paint N/A
ME-102LM-OS4 Med-Lite Olive Rubber Mask Grease Paint N/A
ME-102LM-OS6 Medium Olive Rubber Mask Grease Paint $9.95
ME-102LM-OS8 Med-Dark Olive Rubber Mask Grease Paint N/A
ME-102LM-OS10 Dark Olive Rubber Mask Grease Paint N/A
ME-102LM-OP Call for Price
ME-102LM-TV4 Soft Beige Rubber Mask Grease Paint N/A
ME-102LM-TV6 Light Tan Rubber Mask Grease Paint N/A
ME-102LM-TV10 Bronzed Tan Rubber Mask Grease Paint N/A
ME-102LM-16B Oriental Rubber Mask Grease Paint $9.95
ME-102LM-10C Ebony Brown Rubber Mask Grease Paint N/A
ME-102LM-B Black Rubber Mask Grease Paint $9.95
ME-102LM-R Red Rubber Mask Grease Paint $9.95
ME-102LM-BL Blue Rubber Mask Grease Paint $9.95
ME-102LM-18B Monster Gray Rubber Mask Grease Paint $9.95
ME-102LM-25A Nat. Beige Blush Rubber Mask Grease Paint N/A
ME-102LM-28A Light Cinnamon Rubber Mask Grease Paint N/A
ME-102LM-30A Ruddy Bronze Rubber Mask Grease Paint N/A
ME-102LM-10B American Indian/Dark Sunburn Rubber Mask Grease Paint N/A
ME-102LM-W White Rubber Mask Grease Paint $9.95
ME-102LM-G Green Rubber Mask Grease Paint $9.95
ME-102LM-Y Yellow Rubber Mask Grease Paint $9.95
ME-102LMP Mask Cover Palette/15 colors N/A

Using GM Foam - The DVD

Special Effect Supply offers a comprehensive guide takes you through all the important stages of foam processing.

Join master foam technician Gil Mosko as he takes you behind the scenes and teaches you all the tricks to give you the competitive edge in foam processing.

In this interesting and informative video, you learn how the pros do it. From preparing your molds to de-molding your pieces, you will learn the how and the why of foam latex techniques. Gain a basic knowledge of the chemistry of foam latex and learn to use it to produce consistent results every time.

A must for anyone who is serious about special makeup effects.

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GM-DVD1 Using GM Foam DVD $29.99

Four-Part GM Hot Foam Kits

SES is pleased to carry GM Foam. This four-part system gives you control over every separate element of the process. GM Foam is a very high quality foam that is light and dependable.

1 Quart Kits

Perfect for the amateur or professional, these kits offer a cost effective way to buy a small amount of foam. These kits include easier instructions for beginners, and enough foam to do a few makeups. Great for Halloween projects! For the professional these kits are cost effective and offer portability. This product is backed by GM's excellent customer support.

Contents of 1 Quart Kit Include:

  • 1 qt Foam Latex Base
  • 8 oz Foaming Agent
  • 4 oz Curing Agent
  • 4 oz Gelling Agent
  • 2 oz Mold Release

PLEASE NOTE: The GM 2 quart kit has been discontinued. However, we do sell the gallon and 5-gallon kits.


GM Foam Latex Kits and Supplies A.K.A. "Hot Foam" because it needs to be baked. This excellent 4-part foam gives you added control over chemistry.

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GM-K1Q 1 quart GM Foam Kit $38.00
GM-K1G 1 gallon GM Foam Kit $99.00
GM-K5G 5 gallon GM Foam Kit $449.00

GM Kit Components

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GM-C1Q-B GM Foam Latex Base 1 quart $22.00
GM-C1G-B GM Foam Latex Base 1 gallon $65.00
GM-C160-F GM Foaming Agent, 16 oz $18.00
GM-C160-C GM Curing Agent, 16 oz $19.00
GM-C160-G GM Gelling Agent, 16 oz $17.00
GM-C20-MR GM Mold Release, 2oz $3.00
GM-C40-MR GM Mold Release, 4oz $6.00

GM Pigments and Primer

These colors are highly concentrated and will lighten when the foam expands.

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GM-A160-WBP GM Water Based Primer, 16 oz $28.80
GM-P10-RD GM Red pigment, 1 oz $9.50
GM-P10-Y GM Yellow pigment, 1 oz $9.50
GM-P10-BL GM Blue pigment, 1 oz $9.50
GM-P10-BK GM Black pigment, 1 oz $9.50
GM-P10-RY GM Ruddy pigment, 1 oz $9.50
GM-P10-TT GM Tan Tone pigment, 1 oz $9.50

Accessory Chemicals

Add Model # Description Price
GM-F80-FI GM Flow Increaser, 8 oz $14.00
GM-A40-M GM MICAD, 4 oz $14.00
GM-A40-CC GM Cell Choke, 4 oz $14.00
GM-A40-STB GM Latex Stabilizer, 4 oz $12.00
GM-C160-HR GM High Rise, 16 oz N/A

Cold Foam

Kryolan Two-Part Cold Foam System

"Cold Foam" is a fast and easy alternative to hot foam. This material is not as flexible as the latex based hot foam, but your prosthetics are ready to pull from the mold in minutes instead of hours. No oven is required to use this product. This foam is also good as a filler for flimsy hollow parts such as latex horns. The only equipment needed is an accurate gram scale. The Kit comes with: Part A, Part B, a release agent, and instructions.

Most artists end up with both kinds of foam on-hand, for both serious projects and rush jobs.

Kryolan Cold Foam Kits

Kryolan "Cold" foam is a safe 2-part polyurethane kit. It does not require baking; the completed parts can be pulled from the mold in only 15 minutes. It is not as flexible as foam latex, but it is much faster and far less complicated. It is also great for use as a filler for props and masks.

NOTE: GM Bulk kits are available. Please write or call for correct pricing. Also see our DVDs Section for the GM Foam instructional video.

ANOTHER NOTE: We can also get Burman Foam for you through Kryolan, start at stock number K08033.

Add Model # Description Price
K08040 KRYOLAN 2-Part COLD FOAM KIT, 1 pint Flammable $50.70
K08041 KRYOLAN 2-PART COLD FOAM KIT, 1 gallon Flammable $154.00