Mike's UV Covid-19 Virus Project

Mike's Anti-Virus Wall

Mike's UV Wall

When Covid-19 had Mike Hoenscheidt staring at his four blank walls he decided to paint one.

“My inspiration for the wall was really the quarantine. The whole situation had me a little down and feeling trapped by these walls. So what better to do than to use those feelings too fuel my fire. During this time I also noticed a lot of negativity. So that was one of the determining factors as well. I need this thing big and bright, and SPECTACULAR! With hopes of taking peoples minds off the craziness if even for a second. And with these awesome colors in hand it made my job much easier. The whole wall was all hand brushed with a single Liqutex #10 round point brush. So thanks again fxsupply for helping with what turned out to be one of my favorite projects too date”

Steve adds: I love this 3-D design, especially the way it leaps out at you.

Please don't walk into the wall Mike, because you will be transported into another dimension.

Mike painted his entire project with about 8 fluid ounces of each color.

Mike Hoenscheidt Painting Mike Hoenscheidt

Mike's Instagram page can be found here: 2brokebrushes

Mike used our Black Light Paints

Black Light Paints

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