Makeup - UV and DayGlow


Water Activated Makeup in pan cake form

Water Activated Makeup in pan cake form

Select from: Violet, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, Pink, Red

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K05170 Call for Price
K05170 - (Call for Price each)

K05171 Call for Price
K05171 - (Call for Price each)

K05172 Call for Price
K05172 - (Call for Price each)

K05173 Call for Price
K05173 - (Call for Price each)

K05177 Call for Price
K05177 - (Call for Price each)

Liquid Makeup, water based

Liquid Makeup, water based

Select from 7 colors: blue, violet, green, yellow, orange, pink, or red

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K05161 Call for Price
K05161 - (Call for Price each)

K05162 Call for Price
K05162 - (Call for Price each)

K05164 Call for Price
K05164 - (Call for Price each)

Hair Spray

Select from: Orange, Yellow, Violet, Green, Pink

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K02254 Flammable Call for Price
K02254 - (Call for Price each)

Hair-Streak, Mascara Wand

Select from 25 colors: Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Black, Blonde, Blue, Gold, Brown, Copper, Gray, Ivory, Lila, Mahogaony, Metallic Red, Pearl, Pearl Lt. Blue, Purple, Silver, White

UV Colors: Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Pink, Violet, Yellow

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K02296 Call for Price
K02296 - (Call for Price each)

UV-Luminous Cream Makeup

Select from: Green, Blue, White or Orange

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K01071 Call for Price
K01071 - (Call for Price each)

K01072 Call for Price
K01072 - (Call for Price each)

Phosphorescent Cream, Glow-in-the-Dark

Glows after the lights are turned out.

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K01061 Call for Price
K01061 - (Call for Price each)

K01062 Call for Price
K01062 - (Call for Price each)

K05163 Call for Price
K05163 - (Call for Price each)

Hair Spray, Fluorescent Colors

Hair Spray, Fluorescent Colors

Temporary Cheap stuff, like you get at Halloween. Washes out with normal soap and water. Not Streaks & Tips.

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74-01FB Flammable Call for Price
74-01FB - (Call for Price each)

74-01FY Flammable Call for Price
74-01FY - (Call for Price each)

74-01FO Flammable Call for Price
74-01FO - (Call for Price each)

74-01FG Flammable Call for Price
74-01FG - (Call for Price each)

74-01FP Flammable Call for Price
74-01FP - (Call for Price each)

74-01FR Flammable Call for Price
74-01FR - (Call for Price each)

74-01FU Flammable Call for Price
74-01FU - (Call for Price each)