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Everything you wanted to make yourself and others into Zombie's but were afraid to ask...


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Zombie Appliance Kit

Zombie Appliance Kit

For what it costs to purchase one pre-made appliance, you can make dozens of your own! Zombie warts, scabs, cheak rot and other post-dead decay. With this Kit you will be learning a wonderful technique called "Latex Build-up". While some people use latex build-up on there skin, we have found that it is very time consuming and often produces poor results. That is why we have created a face form for you. The face form is a 3-D "canvas" on which you can create your appliances to fit a human face, rather than a flat surface. Instead of waiting for hours for something to dry on your face, you can use the face form to build up latex as thick as you want. The Kit includes: Face Form, Fiber Fill, Mask Latex, Powder Colors Green and Black, Sculpting Tool, Mixing Sticks, Brush, Swabs, Clay, Mixing Cups and Instructions.

Face 3 Face 5 Face 7 Face 10 Face 9 Face 8
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K-81 Zombie Appliance Kit N/A
K-81 - Zombie Appliance Kit (N/A each)

We get many inquiries regarding body paint and body makeup. The basics are these: Body Paint is water based makeup already in liquid form. Ingredients are all FDA approved. Paint you get in the art store is not FDA approved. Preferred method of application is Airbrush, Sponge, Brush in that order. Artists who have many people to paint in a short period of time will often use a conventional paint gun (automotive style). Use your airbrush for large areas, a brush for more detailed areas, and a pencil for fine lines. Any of the body paints on this page can be modified for airbrush simply by adding any sealer or additive. Remember that by adding tap water you dilute the chemical protection and run the risk of growing germs, mold, or fungi. It takes about 16 fluid ounces to paint an average person from head to toe, one fluid ounce for an arm and hand, and two fluid ounces for a head (face and head).


Zombie Wheel

Zombie Wheel

Zombies have come back to life, and we have a terrific new 6 Color Zombie Wheel.

ZW, Applications: 100 to 600 designs

Colors: FX-32, FX-7, FX-121, FX-2, FX-11, CL-25

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BN-ZW Zombie Professional Wheel, Colors:FX-32, FX-7, FX-121, FX-2, FX- $20.00
BN-ZW - Zombie Professional Wheel, Colors:FX-32, FX-7, FX-121, FX-2, FX- ($20.00 each)

Death Wheel

Death Wheel

Six popular shades execute the extreme effects of death.

DW, Applications: 50-240 designs.

Colors: P-21 Frankenstein, P-22 Death Blue Grey, P-19 Death Flesh, P-17 Death Purple, P-20 Pale Vampire, P-18 Death Straw.

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BN-DW Death Professional Wheel, Colors: P-21 Frankenstein, P-22 Death $20.00
BN-DW - Death Professional Wheel, Colors: P-21 Frankenstein, P-22 Death ($20.00 each)


Tooth Color

Tooth Color

Tooth Black has long been a staple in theatre and film to add just the right dimension to character makeups. Ben Nye Tooth Colors dry quickly and last for hours. Colors remove with toothpaste or rubbing alcohol on swab.

.125fl.oz./3.5ml. Applications: 20-100 teeth.

Flammable, Must be shipped UPS Ground

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BN-TC0 Natural White Tooth Color Flammable $6.00
BN-TC0 - Natural White Tooth Color ($6.00 each)

BN-TC1 Black Tooth Color Flammable $6.00
BN-TC1 - Black Tooth Color ($6.00 each)

BN-TC2 Nicotine Tooth Color Flammable $6.00
BN-TC2 - Nicotine Tooth Color ($6.00 each)

BN-TC3 Zombie Rot (Greenish-Brown) Flammable $6.00
BN-TC3 - Zombie Rot (Greenish-Brown) ($6.00 each)

BN-TC4 Decay Tooth Color Flammable $6.00
BN-TC4 - Decay Tooth Color ($6.00 each)


Fresh Scab

Fresh Scab

Authentic brownish-blood tint for older, dried blood clotting effects. Bloods never completely "set", but the outer layer "scabs over". Washable. May stain some fabrics; test before use.

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BN-TS1 28gm Fresh Scab $10.00
BN-TS1 - 28gm Fresh Scab ($10.00 each)

BN-TS2 170gm Fresh Scab $28.00
BN-TS2 - 170gm Fresh Scab ($28.00 each)

BN-TS3 454gm Fresh Scab $44.00
BN-TS3 - 454gm Fresh Scab ($44.00 each)


Liquid Latex

Liquid Latex

This natural rubber is multi-functional. Can be applied directly to the skin. Apply to stretched skin for dramatic aging, or stipple to skin for extreme sunburn and wounds. Seals wounds made from Nose & Scar Wax. Pour into a slip rubber mold to make prosthetic appliances. Fair flesh tone dries almost transparent.

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BN-LL1 1oz/29ml Liquid Latex $6.00
BN-LL1 - 1oz/29ml Liquid Latex ($6.00 each)

BN-LL2 2oz/59ml Liquid Latex $9.00
BN-LL2 - 2oz/59ml Liquid Latex ($9.00 each)

BN-LL25 4oz/118ml Liquid Latex $13.00
BN-LL25 - 4oz/118ml Liquid Latex ($13.00 each)

BN-LL3 8oz/236ml Liquid Latex $20.00
BN-LL3 - 8oz/236ml Liquid Latex ($20.00 each)

BN-LL4 16oz/532ml jug Liquid Latex $30.00
BN-LL4 - 16oz/532ml jug Liquid Latex ($30.00 each)

BN-LL5 32oz/946ml jug Liquid Latex $44.00
BN-LL5 - 32oz/946ml jug Liquid Latex ($44.00 each)